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  • GRUB

    38 92.68%
  • LILO

    3 7.32%
  • GAG

    0 0%
  • Other

    0 0%
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    Your Favorite Boot Loader


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    I prefer grub, though have never used anything else to test it out.
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    Both! lilo is easier to use with scsi raid and probably sata raid too

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    I like grub its easy to use

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    It's GRUB all the way for me!

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    grub all the way. i like customising the backdrops. (dunno if you can get it working with lilo)?
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    Hey don't forget abot Loadlin

    I voted for Grub, I used to really like Lilo but just like Vi, when I figured out how to use/configure it, it really is the best to use for me (IMO).

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    I prefer Grub.
    Don't have enough experience with Lilo.
    When i configure a new system, and I don't get the syntax quite right in menu.lst, I have found it is really easy to configure, and I know which commands I need.
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    I like grub. I actually understand it (unlike lilo) and I can get win to boot too
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    You guys seriously don't understand Lilo? I was first introduced to configuring Lilo when I gave Gentoo a try and it was quite easy. Everything is done in letters so /dev/hda instead of (hd0,0), to me it was just quite a bit easier. I forced myself to learn Grub and I pretty much have, Arch Linux gives you a base for /boot/grub/menu.lst and some examples so that basically got me started on Grub. The reason why I found it to be so confusing is because literally all of the documentation and examples that are written assume that you want to install on the master drive when I always install Linux on the slave which was somewhat confusing to me when starting out because Grub starts at 0 and uses numbers, etc. etc. I like Grub now because I understand it, you can make it look cool, it's the thing to use nowadays, it comes with a nifty little shell if you happen to screw things up with your MBR, etc.

    Oh one other reason I really enjoy Lilo: I dual boot with Windows so when I format my slave drive for Linux because I want to replace it Lilo is still there and will let me still choose what OS I want, if I choose Linux then it will naturally give me a kernel panic, but I can still choose Windows. That to me is quite nice considering after boot I would get a Grub shell, of course it's not too hard to reinstall and then configure it to boot Windows but with Lilo it is already there. Just the small things with Lilo that I really enjoy. But it's time to roll with the new so I use Grub a lot. It's becoming to where I can just write my own config file quite easily so I just stick with using Grub now.
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