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    Quote Originally Posted by deek
    So, $600, with peripherals (including monitor)??? You will have to give me more detail on your $600 rig compared to Dell/Gateway/HP. Without monitor, I can see that, but without...I think that is tough. Obviously, software is out of the equation, as I am assuming open-source...(but on the flip side, there is no way you can build a $600 system with all the SAME licensing that you would get from an MS box, agreed?).
    Yes, that was without a monitor. The rig details are in my signature. Sure, I'd get something with a monitor from Dell, but would it be anywhere near my specs? I think not. And yes, that's without the extra $100-300USD you pay for a full copy of MS Windows XP, which I of course don't need.

    I am still a believer that I can build a $1000 PC way better than buying one, but when that pricepoint gets close to $500, I can't compare...but maybe you will prove me wrong with the $600 Moe-rig
    If the folks buying the computers are looking for a PC around the $500 mark, they're not part of the same class as me. I like PCs that can do a lot more than write Word documents and check email, hence I never (there's that word again) look that far down the food chain parts-wise.

    That being said, I also never buy prebuilt for myself. Depending on the budget of the person I might be building a PC for, I may recommend they go with prebuilt just because they like warranties and such. To each their own. Most prebuilt PCs are crap for my purposes and cost a lot more than something I'd put together.

    With the cost of an okay TFT monitor (around $300-400USD) I would come in right at $1000USD all said and done, and with the rig I have I think that's very reasonable. I don't need Dell's warranty, Microsoft's OS, or any of the other licensed junk that comes with prebuilts. Some people might, but those folks aren't the crowd I associate myself with.
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    Yeah, that is why I still have my "bar" set at $1000. I am the same way. I don't buy pre-built and the $500 PC (and user) is obviously in a different class.

    I am still chugging away on a PC I built about 5-6 years ago. Likely because the 1.5GB of RAM is still allowing me to live without upgrading. And technically, because of my mainboard, I really can't max much else out except for hard drive space...

    So, when I do retire this girl, I will be building again, probably around $1000, and I certainly agree that any company's prebuilt (in or around that same price point) won't even be close to my specs...

    I am actually going to be geared up to do so (build a new one) as it will definitely be my first without windows (not even dual-boot). I will keep win2k on my current one (and mainly only because I use MS Money for personal finances) and finally running linux 100% on a "main" desktop pc!!!

    Yeah, I still recommend budget PCs to everyone that asks, as many that ask are obviously just using it for internet, maybe games and personal productivity apps...and you don't need much for that to be a good experience (well, minus the hard core gamers, which I am sad to admit, I am no longer a part of that class of user...).
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