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    Billy Gates and Linux???

    .... *gasps* can anyone translate this here article so it can make sense. and i still think Billy has Slack or Gentoo running on all his computers at his house and in his office.
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    hehe. basicaly it says microsoft is working with IBM in developing an open standard for web commerce that will run on linux and windows

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    Not only Linux and Windows, but all they're basically looking to set a standard for web commerce similar to java. Something OS inspecific.

    Now M$ supposedly *does* have a Linux computer lab or something thereabouts at the HQ in Redmond...just for research purposes, of course...
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    personally i can see bill gates running linux on his personal computers cause anyway you look at it he is still a computer geek and prolly loves the challange. he is jst like use except he pushes windows and not linux.
    but thats my 2 cents
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    I'm sure they have that linux lab so they can find ways to use linux features in windows

    (fast user switching, anyone?)

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