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  • 800x600

    4 7.55%
  • 1024x768

    15 28.30%
  • 1152x864

    3 5.66%
  • 1280x1024

    25 47.17%
  • 1600x1200

    6 11.32%
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    Well guys and gals, Ive just purchased a tft 19" from ebay. 1600x1200 resolution screenshot coming up.

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    EDIT: a TON of people are going to my site, my bandwidth has gone to hell.

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    Linux User zba78's Avatar
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    1280 x 1024 on a 19" CRT
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    Quote Originally Posted by zba78
    1280 x 1024 on a 19" CRT
    Same here now, 1600x1200 was killing my eyes, this is tons better. When I feel up for a little eyecandy, I'll use it then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by !=

    EDIT: a TON of people are going to my site, my bandwidth has gone to hell.
    very nice, i like your soundtrack

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    I'm stuck with 800x600@75Hz/16 bit color for now, I'm surprised my interrim computer from 1993 can handle that, but such is the power of FreeBSD. My normal computer runs at 1024x768@85Hz and 16 bit color, its capable of a lot more but I like to sit far away from the screen, anything higher makes everything too tiny, even on my 17" monitor. I use 16 bit color because I'm partially color blind and can't tell the difference, no sense in wasting resources.

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    1280 x 960, by choice, but XP is a bit retarded about screen res's with my monitor so I use 1280 x 1024.

    So, obviously, I chose 1152 x 864 to represent this...
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    Monitor Resolution

    1024 X 768, otherwise its too small for me to read easily.

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