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    hello! from a newbie

    Hello, I'm saying 'Hi there!' as one someone who is keen to get into Linux so that I can have control over my computer. There are quite alot of distributions aren't there, which is good for choice etc. My start was a partion of my laptop hard drive and instal of Fedora 1, and then got hold of a F4 DVD but the upgrade didn't work. But am now going to look at something else, maybe Debian? But it's nice to know that there are other people here that want to reclaim their computers and who are happy to help. I hope to return the help when (??) I get more experienced (maybe in a few years time!). I'm not a really a geek but just want to have as much control over the computer as possible. Hurrah to the Free Software movement!

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    Well if you're still on the learning buzz for linux most people here recommend SuSE, Mandriva or Mepis or at least that is the current trend. I really like Debian and most would agree, but there are more graphical tools in the ones mentioned above if you want a little handholder. Plus I love all of them for that real, desktop, "just works" feeling.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums, welcome to the community and enjoy your experiences with F/OSS, I know I have

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    aye, welcome. the trick is finding a distro that you are comfortable with. have fun

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    well there are a few to look at for beginners:
    Simply Mepis [both a live CD and a installer]
    heck even Linspire might do you good [though I cant officially reccomend it as there is no real free version and most hate its click and run warehouse]

    personally I would go with Simply Mepis, its live CD should give you a good look at what a linux system is like.
    another good one is Knoppix though its installer is a bit flippy

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    hello and welcome to the forums, enjoy yourself here.

    A good distro for beginers and advanced users in my opinion is SuSE, it is stable, great hardware detection, good looking and stable.

    just my 2 cents.
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    As bigtomrodney said, debian is a great distro, but if you are new and want some more graphical tools then Mepis or Ubuntu are good choices (they are based on debian).

    The great thing about debian is the upgrade
    apt-get update
    apt-get dist-upgrade
    and you are done
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