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    Windows Xp Product Activation SUCKS

    So I'm formatting my Windows 2000 drive in Windows Xp, and suddenly the whole thing freezes (big surprise), I reboot and find out the Xp partition corrupted. SO I reinstall the entire os, very frustrating. But the worst part was... when it asked me to activate it tells me "the maximum amount of reactivations has been reached. Please go to for information on how to get more activation keys, or call Microsoft to speak to a customer service representitive." Not knowing what to do I connect to the web and go to the Microsoft link. I wait 3 minutes for the page to load and am told that the link is broken. So I call the number. I get this stupid machine on the phone asking for my "Windows Xp installation code". What!? I'm confused at this point. I look at the screen and find a "telephone" button, click on it, and the code is right there. I read it, but the machine "can't verify my installation code". I'm then sent to a REAL human being and have to read my code again, then she gives me a "configuration code" to type in. I do, and finally, Xp is activated.
    I'm pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir, but this is just ridiculous. I PAID for my copy of Xp and I DESERVE to be able to reinstall it as many times as I please. I can see where they would get upset if you start installing it on more than one machine, but just on MY computer, what's wrong with that? Especially when it's Xp's fault that I had to go through this anyway.
    The only reason I use Xp, is because I need it for very special files for work. Otherwise I'd take the CD and BURN it. I've gone through nothing but trouble with it.
    What right does Microsoft have to know how many times I've installed my operating system and why I did it?!

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    Microsoft just wants to make it harder to steal. Understandable; but now they are making it a pain to install. I think XP makes a fine beer coaster.
    That is what I use mine for especially after the max installs. I like linux because I can install it on as many machines as I like as many times as I like and it is fast and gosh no spyware. I like the freedom.
    Anyways just wanted to comment and let you know I feel your pain.

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    I understand you may have had a frustrating experience but we are trying to move away from the stream of "microsoft sucks" thread we used to get here at LinuxForums. Unfortunatly I see tihs one going the same way, hence locked.

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