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    Insult Inside Linux Linksys HOWTO

    I am angry because there is an insult / defamation on the quality of Indonesian products inside Linksys HOWTO (by Eric S. Raymond). I had asked the author to modify / remove the word/sentece, but there is no reply.
    Does the author have the proof that low quality Linksys router is manufactured in Indonesia?

    Is it possible for the editor / administrator to remove the word / sentence?
    Indonesia is famous for chip/IC packaging and testing / Quality Control in Batam.


    (Building one of these puppies is not rocket science. I can only conjecture that the competitive pressure is driving the manufacturers to cut costs to the bone by hiring programmers out of the bottom of the barrel and having the manufacturing done by some low-end contract house in Indonesia or somewhere. The results, alas, tend to be unstable crap. Caveat emptor.)

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    Linux Newbie jeickal's Avatar
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    If you're from Indonesia I understand your frustration to see a guy living miles away from your country who most likely has no clue what your country is all about taliking this way about it.
    I live in a tiny country that a bunch a people around the world know very little about and I also read a bunch of bull*** on it as well.
    But it's life man The Internet is full of great info, and crap ones as well. If you want to start a cruisade to defend the accuracy of the information on the net, good for you, maybe we need more guys like you? IMHO you are just gonna loose you time.

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    There not exactly greatly built units, mostly i think the heat does the damage(there known to get a bit hot). How ever it costs more to produce a board with efficant heat management. Oh and linksys assembles them in china. But despite the cost restrictions there an good enouth unit.

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    I bet he never looked at where the Linksys product was manufactured and all that took is looking underneath.

    My Linksys products:
    BEFRS81 - China
    WAP54G - Taiwan
    2 x WMP54G - Taiwan

    I noticed you mentioned Batam, I worked there for 3 1/2 months last year (McDermott Yard - FPSO Belanak Natuna). The computer related factorys there that I was aware of worked under the direct supervision of Singapore based companies.

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    good luck. Raymond is well known for being a prick (IMO) who doesn't care what people think
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vergil83
    good luck. Raymond is well known for being a prick (IMO) who doesn't care what people think
    Nor should he IMO. But then.. I've been called the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the comment he made was off-color, but I'd be very surprised if he cares or will change it. I have people complain to me from time to time about the things I say in my reviews. To date I haven't changed any. In short, I agree with Vergil83; I wouldn't hold your breath.
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    I don't like his moustache - I would definitely suggest that he removes it immediately! I find his moustache offensive.

    I actually think a certain amount of controversy is good. It keeps things interesting, and might jolt a few people into thinking a bit more. There's nothing worse than a sacred cow (metaphorically).
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    Re: Insult Inside Linux Linksys HOWTO

    Quote Originally Posted by xxqq
    ... having the manufacturing done by some low-end contract house in Indonesia or somewhere. ...)
    If Indonesia has no low-end contract houses, then you might have a cause for complaint.

    I live in the UK, if that statement had read '... having the manufacturing done by some low-end contract house in England or somewhere. ...' I'd have laffed my head off - because I know such companies exist.

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    Eric Raymond has a habit of talking too much, and that's pretty much all he does, he's made no significant contribution to the community in which to earn the self given title of "OSI leader", unless you include fetchmail, and then uses his position to say "I'd rather be off programming than sitting here writing this".
    Try not to listen to him, the only reason he's well known is because the media use him as some kind of spokesperson to get information from. Perhaps he should take some of his own advice, "Shut Up And Show Them The Code".

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    I don't like how he treats Nietzsche, he should be spanked!

    The offending page , look for his notes on the "Way of the Camel"

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