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    my dad has had two, almost three viewsonic monitors, and they look pretty good every time i see them. If i were you I would ditch the LCD monitor and get a nice big flatscreen CRT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by George Harrison
    ... Should I just boot into Windows ...?

    No. Never do this.

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    samsung and sony for the best LCD. id much rather have a CRT however. i dont know what to say, ive never had a bad CRT. however i have a new favorite display. DLP projectors (BOO YA). get the X3 from infocus, it absolutely kicks ass. i now have a 3 metre by 3 metre room (10 ft) a 7.1 surround sound with 2 woofers on a split, a bed and dresser cramped agianst the two of the walls, and a blank screen covering one of the walls. Unreal tornament 4 ever BOO YA

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    Something fun to try with Samsung monitors and SuSE:

    Fire up SaX2 and go to the monitor configuration screen. If your exact model isn't listed, click on the "Manufacturer CD" button and pop in your Samsung driver CD that came in the box.

    For me, the CD was read and the exact model of my monitor popped up in the monitor config menu. I haven't actually tried this with any other brand of TFTs, but it certainly surprised me the first time it happened.
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    If your exact model isn't listed, click on the "Manufacturer CD" button and pop in your Samsung driver CD that came in the box.
    That's the only way I could get SuSE to work correctly with my 930B.

    I've also got an older MagView to work with SuSE 9.1 doing the same thing. I extracted the drivers to a floppy and SaX2 found/installed the monitor driver.

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    Hmm cool tip, techieMoe I just put SuSE 9.3 on a 20GB partition so I'll try it out thanks.
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