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    Quote Originally Posted by timothypir2
    is there a vpc like program for linux?
    vmware (commercial)

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    Qemu is quite good now, especially if you use the kqemu kernel extension for acceleration. Bochs is good for a giigle too...

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    Jesus, not ANOTHER thread like this! Someone please lock (or better yet delete) this thread
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    Re: linux vers windows

    Quote Originally Posted by timothypir2
    • Instant desktop search, never seen one for Linux.
    KDE has one, Kicker then "Find Files"

    Quote Originally Posted by timothypir2
    • Ability to use the latest ati graphics cards in a Linux system is always a bummer.
    I've never had a problem, most companies (EG: VIA, S3) release Linux/UNIX drivers with the product.

    Quote Originally Posted by timothypir2
    • Windows has more games and tends (I my experience) have fewer graphics card compatibility issues than Linux.
    That's what Genesis is for.

    Quote Originally Posted by timothypir2
    • Windows has a graphical safe mode.
    Don't need it.

    Some other advantages of UNIX and Linux over Windows are:

    1: Most spyware is written for Windows

    2: The drive layout on UNIX systems, / for the first hard drive, /cdrom for the CD drive, etc... makes a great deal more sense than DOS drive letters and backslashes.

    3: Better memory management

    4: No registry

    5: Its free

    6: Less likely to crash

    7: Compatible with pretty much everything without reliance on external drivers

    8: No dancing paperclips

    9: Easy to install programs, just typ pkg_add and the name and FreeBSD will automatically download and install it, as well as any dependencies, without rebooting. Much better than Windows' convoluted, 3 hour long "Install Shield" wizards.

    10: Better support, no canned replies from unerpaid MSCEs in India telling you to "Reboot, reinstall, repeat"

    11: Full source code

    12: Better applications (XMMS, KIIIB, XINE, Dillo, IceWM, Open Office, and the 13,000 or so other prepackaged applications in the FreeBSD ports collection)

    13: Faster boot time (15 seconds as opposed to 45 seconds for WinXP on the same machine)

    14: The latest versions of FreeBSD and Linux will run fine on a 100MHz pentium with 24 MB RAM, the latest version of Windows (XP) won't.

    15: FreeBSD will run on a 100Mhz x86 as fast as a 500MHz x86 running Windows 98 (I've actually tried this).

    16: Comparable applications for Windows (Nero, Photoshop, etc) will cost you a fortune.

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    Re: linux vers windows

    Quote Originally Posted by timothypir2
    I don’t want stability or security concerns.
    Why ignore very real differences? What is the purpose of your queries?
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    Quote Originally Posted by timothypir2
    Quote Originally Posted by deek
    Windows does not allow different window managers (AFAIK).
    That stuff is just a mere skin - no window manager at all. All you can do is skin Windows; you can't replace the graphical shell. You can with Linux. There's a huge difference between a skin and a complete graphical environment.

    I have the feeling the topic starter is just looking for replacement software on his Linux box, and starts a topic 'list the differences', instead of just getting to the point... I think this can be locked too. Bit useless.
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    See here for a list of software comparisons.

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    Some good responses have been given, but (as I am becoming increasingly notorious for doing) I see this as just another "Linux versus Windows" thread (it's even named that) and it will eventually turn into a flamewar.

    Please, folks, enough already with the Microsoft this, Microsoft that threads. The purpose of this forum is for Linux users to help other Linux users. Leave to Microsoft what is Microsoft's.
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