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Thread: Gas prices

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    Gas prices

    Just curious how much you guys pay for gas.
    With all the stuff happening in New Orleans and the Middle East and what with Labor Day coming up.
    Gas prices have been raised to $3.30/.40 per gallon in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    I was just wondering what everybody else was paying.

    BTW, that is regular, not premium.
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    Fort Wayne, Indiana...I am seeing $3.18 or so around here...

    Ridiculous, IMHO!!! I have a truck with a 26/27 gallon much fun is it to pay $75 to fill up my tank...not much!!!
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    We've gotten to around $3/gallon for regular over here...

    It used to cost me $15 to fill up, now I'm up to $30-35.


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    Well, it's fluctuating wildly. But at the moment:

    Cheapest in the Austin, Texas area appears to be $1.81! Most expensive, $3.00.

    edit: Just talked to my wife who stopped at a place today for $2.64 / gallon. Sigh.

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    1.81?! thats nuts. im driving to texas for some gas!

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    According to , we had the nation's low price a few days ago at 2.40 a gallon (Louisville, KY)

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    you should see what some people in europe have the pleasure of paying.....and most of it is bloody tax
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    about $2.80 here in central texas

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    You dont know you're born, some of you Americans.

    Gas (or Petrol) prices here in the UK just hit 90p a litre in mainstream/supermarket garages, over a 1pound a litre on or near motorways - that equates to about 4 a gallon, roughly $6!

    Of course, in the UK everyone gets screwed for fuel duty - which is an extra government tax, and upon which they add sales tax (called VAT here), so you get screwed twice, first for the duty, then for VAT on the duty. About 75% of what is paid at the pump here is tax.

    Of course, none of this stops me running my Jeep, which turns in about 12mpg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by winter
    you should see what some people in europe have the pleasure of paying.....and most of it is bloody tax
    Yep... European here myself. On the other hand, I find it very normal you pay for gas... After all a car is a luxury. I know many people need it, but it is still a luxury... Although I agree the taxes on it should go down with the crisis now, because the government earns more on that bloody gasoil & gas anyway now.

    1 gallon = 3,7 liters

    US: 3 $ / gallon = 3 euro for 3.7 liters

    EU: 1,4 euro / liter = 5.18 euro for 3.7 liters (this is one of the cheapest prices in Belgium)

    I would stop complaining about US gas prices if I were you... You guys need to use some more economic cars instead of those gas drinking engines American car makers use. Gas is dirt cheap in fact, compared to the amount of pollution it causes.
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