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Thread: Hair we go

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    Linux User Oxygen's Avatar
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    Anybody dress like this?

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    Oxygen wrote:
    Anybody dress like this?
    Wasn't that guy in Revenge of the Nerds?
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    nope, me im in combats or kilt, shirt or t-shirt or a top
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    mustasch/beard/face stubble i dont like to have beards usually.... they end up getitng itchy.. i guess i end up shaving every 3 or so days to alliviate the itchyness. had pratty long hair.. i shaved it this summer tho and the mom thought i went neo she was all "WTF?!?!?! ARE YOU A WITE SUPREMISIST?!" i was like wft mom chill out... its hot out and im tired of long hair. its about 2 - 3 inches long now though.. so yea... 2 - 3 inch hair with stubble all around lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by techieMoe
    Quote Originally Posted by winter
    There was this person in a band i used to be in with long hair and a insanly long braded beared. Ever time i looked at him I could imagine him writing sagas, or raiding and pilliaging a village.
    Haha! I knew someone like that as well. I had much the same thoughts. Kilt or viking hat, HUGE sword...
    LOL! And I thought it was just me ... I think people like that read too many fantasy novels! I know a few people like that. I'm 5' 11"" and the top of my head starts at their upper chests ... They *always* have beards and long hair, and I want to call them 'Ragnar' or 'Odin'

    Quote Originally Posted by celticgeek
    Liam Genockey of Steel Eye Span has a long braided beard.

    (Celtic Music Fan comment)
    I know that band! Their name is based on a Lincolnshire folk song, and I'm from Lincolnshire ... technically anyway: my genes are from somewhere else
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    i could put Grizzly Adams to shame. oh and Dusty Beard, watch out!

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