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    11 25.58%
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Thread: Hair we go

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    Linux Guru fingal's Avatar
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    Hair we go

    I'm probably bored, but I decided to poll this question about your hairy habits.

    I wondered if the story about Linux users being pony tailed beardy types was actually true, or just another myth from the Dark Side.

    Your responses appreciated I'm aware of the flaws in this survey, so just select the option you like best.

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    Wow, my vote was the first Well, I voted for 3rd option

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    Linux Engineer LondoJowo's Avatar
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    My hair style is the standard male pattern baldness with the hair on the side short. I don't have a beard but grow a Fu-Manchu
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    my hair is sorta long, no ponytail tho

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    Linux Guru techieMoe's Avatar
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    At the risk of being obvious or redundant: beard. As for type... it's something between a goatee (not quite because it's not trimmed to a point) and a full beard (again not quite because it only covers my chin).
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    Linux Newbie
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    Jul 2005
    massachusetts, north america
    i had dreads for a bit and sideburns with no beard. now i have not very long hair, sideburns and a goatee. that's a pic of me in my user pic by the way.
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    I've been through all the available options, but am currently clean shaven on the face, and scalp. :P

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    Linux User geese's Avatar
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    Clean shaven, semi short hair.

    Here is a little story about the first time I shaved; well in Trinidad we have a festival where one the customs is to "burst bamboo". Well you donít really burst the bamboo. You cut a 5 feet length of bamboo about 5 inches on diameter and hollow out the joints, leaving the last joint. You cut a hole about 6 inches away from the last joint and fill it with kerosene. The purpose of this is to make bamboo cannon (it only makes a loud explosion, nothing else). The kerosene must be hot for this to happen, and one of the quickest ways to heat the bamboo up is to use a lighted stick and actually blow the flames into the hole. Well sometimes you get a back fire. Anyway I got a back fire and burned off all the hair on the right side of my face, eyebrows included. I needed to shave to even things off.

    Quote Originally Posted by LondoJowo
    My hair style is the standard male pattern baldness with the hair on the side short.
    I see one of these in my future

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    Linux User zba78's Avatar
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    Birmingham, England
    Beard, full length (i.e about the size of my fist from the bottom of my chin). For religious reasons. Shaved hair (although a lot of it seems to be naturally disappearing and no moustache
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    At this moment, if i went and got my hair done as i normally do, my beard hair wouldn't be MUCH shorter than my head hair!

    As for styles... beard style... it just grows and i cant b arsed to shave it off (no job, no point) but when i do, i either tend to just use unguarded clippers all over to get a stubbly type look, or clippers over the side unguarded clippers, and the shortest guard i have to make a goatee.

    Hair style, the bog standard French Crop (when i get it cut)
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