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    i have completly turned away from rpm-based distros, i dont know the last time i used one, it must have been a couple of months ago, and i love debian as my main os, it really does the job good. If i want something different i boot into slack. .debs, and .tgz do the job beter and apt-get is awsome (even though there is a rpm version of it out) I really dont like the yats either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a12ctic
    i have completly turned away from rpm-based distros....debs, and .tgz do the job beter and apt-get is awsome (even though there is a rpm version of it out)
    That's debatable. I use apt-get and yum with RPMS and it works just as well as DEBS. To each their own.

    I really dont like the yats either.
    Sounds like a sickness. "Yeah, I couldn't make it to work... got a bad case of the yats..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by techieMoe
    Sounds like a sickness. "Yeah, I couldn't make it to work... got a bad case of the yats..."
    im sorry moe, i didnt sleep much last night, YaST.

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    I can't afford to buy distros yet. So I have to wait for downloads.
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    I'll buy it
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    I voted neither but might try it using a free download. I used to pay for the boxed sets but it never worked correctly for me. After spending $60 to $80 four different times, and then having so much trouble with it, I stopped buying the boxed sets and started going for the free downloads. It's weird, but the free downloads seem to work pretty well. It's just when I pay for it that the troubles begin.

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    I will buy it, at least after I've seen it. Because of the transition I'd like to see it working before I subscribe. I'm very happy with 9.3, as much as I have ever been with any distro if not more. But as much as I like the name OpenSuSE I want to see it working first...

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    I may...with big emphases on may get it as a download. As much as I know that there isn't complete love for Ubuntu on here, I'm pretty happy with it. If I make any change it would most likely be to pure Debian. As for what it was that turned me off of Suse, I don't know. It may have been that pesky Yast. It was probably something else that I can't recall from like 2 years ago.

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    I voted neither - if I was going for another distro apart from Mandriva I'd use either Debian or Slackware, and customise them for my own needs.

    I have a bad case of the yats today by the way! Probably all the beer I drank last night (I got a free glass!)
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    i'll probably wait for the download (because i'm cheap) but i'm looking for a new distro for my desktop and the only reason i switched from Suse 9.3 on my laptop was a speed issue. so i'm torn especially since i work less than 10 mins from Novell. (and across the freeway from Symmantec for that matter) you'd think i'd actually know something about software by now. oh well.
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