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    Is Linux winning?

    Year after year, it has been said that it will be the Year of Linux. 9 mths of 2005 hv passed and it seems like it will not to be again. Can 'free' beat 'commercial'? I doubt it. Most of Linux stuffs are follow up of commercial's; half-hearted work. My experience is with onscreen keyboard. In Windows I came across MountFocus, a highly configurable and customisable onscreen keyboard. Searching high and low for something of the same standard in Linux, I couldn't find one. The better ones are xvkbd and GOK but they don't come close to MountFocus. You may say that it is unfair to form an opinion based on one product. But I believe I am right across the board.
    Care to comment?


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    Yeah. I mean, come on! Windows is on TiVos, for Christ's sake...

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    winning what? linux should just beable to compete nothing less nothing more. OS choice is just that a choice. i dont feel everyone should be on linux! but people should be allowed a choice of what OS they want to use from the start.
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    And, of course, Internet Explorer wipes the floor with Firefox.

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    Someone mentioned this in a prior post and I tend to agree. People don't buy OS's, they look for software. The system with the "hot" apps is the system that will be getting the most users, plain and simple.

    It is the same concept with console games. I don't know too many that buy a console just for the console...they know what games they want or will want, and buy the console based on that. Heck, a lot of gamers have multiple consoles because of the games they want to play.

    So, I think the same thing can be said for OS's. The apps will dictate popularity, to a certain extent. Linux v. Windows is not a race, IMO! Once you start seeing more apps that people "have to have", they will start flocking to the OS's that have that app.

    One final example...the Mac Mini...the app, more or less, an iPod...
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    I think I can answer the question of "Is Linux Winning?" much the same as "Is Linux ready for the Desktop?" or any other such troll-bait, in two words:

    Who cares?

    Contrary to the beliefs of some, I do not consider Linux to be "at war" or "in competition" with Microsoft or other proprietary software companies. Linux exists. Commercial software exists. People will use what works for them. Why must everything be a competition?

    I don't see this as being a useful thread and therefore under the "excessive negativity" clause of the new forum rules I declare thee locked.
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