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    I don't have a car yet, and I'm qualified by my friends and relatives as too nervous type to drive a car, so I believe that I'll never buy it. Maybe one day, when I'll have a personal driver, I will. But I would like to buy Hummer 2, at least then I would not care about my driving style, cause everybody used to keep distance from hammer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by truoc444
    Guess i'm the only Moron here so far. i drive a '99 Ford Expedition. yes the one with the 5.4 Litre Engine not the 4.6. 4 wheel drive 2 inch lift 33 inch tires. i like it but have been walking a lot ltately for some reason. $80 bucks a tank
    my dad has a suberban, 150$ a refill, but he gets prety good gas milage,, he just has a huge tank

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    We've just got a 2nd hand Rover Mini Studio 2, 1991, 1Litre. It's cheap to insure and bloody good fun to drive. My other car is a four litre Jeep Cherokee, which is also fun to drive for different reasons. I drive 10 miles to work each day, and the saving in petrol using the Mini instead of the Jeep covers the entire cost of the mini and then some!
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    acura rsx (base)
    it does fine on gas and is a blast to drive

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    yah i have no car. i live in toronto close to the subway so i take public transit everywhere. with a pass its cheap so i dont need to worry about gas. Im saving up for a diesle jedda or golf or volkswagen car.

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    1999 Ford Taurus SE with a 3.0 V6 DOHC engine that I use to go about 110mph daily on the highway to get around traffic and stuff. Fun car since I had some stock parts replaced and I've really never looked back. It gets about 240HP at the wheels right now although I would love to get it up to 275HP. Good times...but it goes through gas really quick when running it at high acceleration rates from stoplights.

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    Wherever possible and practical my Specialized MTB

    ...Burn fat not fuel...

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    I have a '99 1.2 Opel Astra. They actually stopped making 1.2's a year or two after the last model was released. It's nice and comfortable, decent boot space for it's size, decent electrics, and a smooth clutch to sit in with the well ratioed 5 speed gearbox.

    I was quite surprised at how nippy the Astra was when I got it, I would have imagined a heavy car like that with such a small engine would have suffered. Thankfully the 8 valve engine puts down decent torque rather than shifting to 16v for better speeds at it's expense.

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    I drive my really cool bike. To school every day

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