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    What do you drive?

    Hi all,

    As we've been talking about fuel prices, I though it would be interesting to find out what vehicles we're driving. Please keep it simple, make (and model if you like), year, colour and how long you have it. If you like, you can include the mileage/kilometres on the clock and how much you paid for it. For the moment, please don't include motor-cycles, I think that should have it's own poll.

    I drive a 1994 Ford Fiesta, blue in colour with 69k miles on the clock. I bought it almost 8 years ago, I'm the third owner and paid 5,600 Irish pounds (7,110 Euros) for it.

    Dublin, Ireland
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    at 15, i cant drive alone yet, but i usualy drive a jaguar 85' i forget model, its a reddish color and its vary cool. I can drive with an adult...

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    Here's another thread with more about everyone's vehicles:

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    I drive a 2003 Honda S2000, bright red, base cost $33650 US. Gets a wretched 27 miles per gallon on the highway and 23 mpg in town. I bought it new in January 2003. It uses unleaded premium at $3.39 US (at this moment). And it has a very cool license plate. See it at:

    And it will go very fast.

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    My mom's '98 Ford Contour least it's a V6.

    ...I can't drive alone yet.

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    I'm driving a Honda Civic, it's silver, and a "certified used" car

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    schwinn screw OPEC
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    Guess i'm the only Moron here so far. i drive a '99 Ford Expedition. yes the one with the 5.4 Litre Engine not the 4.6. 4 wheel drive 2 inch lift 33 inch tires. i like it but have been walking a lot ltately for some reason. $80 bucks a tank
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    White 1994 Mercury Tracer station wagon with 5 speed stick. I can't imagine a more perfect car for where I am. I drive it only on Sundays to get the NY Times.
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    i really love my 92 civic. it get up to 41 mpg (if i stick to freeways with no traffic, but in southern cali thats not very possible so i average about 35 mpg)

    i used to hate all imports, but once i started driving the civic i have changed attitudes. it is for the most part VERY easy to work on. I have just about zero car-repair-skills but I have been able to replace the radiator, clutch master cylinder, and fix a busted engine mount all by myself.
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