I'm writing this post to shout loudly how I'm found of SLES 9.3 running on Dell PowerEdge 600SC server. Current set of programs and services installed on it are the following:

SLES 9.3
Oracle 10g
Web Server (apache with php and extensions)
SVN server
File server (NFS, Samba)

and I want to note that all above services are working on top of their productivity without lack in performance, while each of these services are being served almost all the time 24/7.

In comparison to what I had before, on the same machine with Windows 2003 Server installed, I could not get even one service working good at one time. For example the server was not able to display one web page based on huge query results, timeout occurred on apache (which is set to 30 seconds), cause 30 second were not enough for oracle to run that query. But at the moment 30 seconds are enough for either running the same huge query on Oracle and serving ftp sessions both.

It's also good to realize that I don't have to spend a valuable amount of CPU time and RAM on antivirus software running in the background, as it was the case when I had windows on the same server.

You may consider this as personal report on comparison of SLES and Windows, and no matter what MS sponsored benchmarks report I'm not pointing out SLES explicitly, I believe that any other Linux distro would act the same way, when it's properly configured.