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    "I feel a change in the winds says I"

    Google is now on average about 10 times the price of Microsoft's stock. this puts Google as the new big guy in the computer world. Microsft is now the new IBM. Because of Google's support in the linux world (well, they have two search engines specifically designed for linux developers), we might be in for a change in the most popular OS and the perspective of software development in general. Its even been in the New York Times on occasion.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I doubt that Google's popularity will in any way affect Linux. Yes, it runs on Linux. And yes, it has a Linux engine (I only know of one, What other one?). However, 99% of the people who use Google use it for searching. Nothing more, nothing less. Okay, maybe a bit of GMail. But that still affects nothing.

    Again: Linux's minority is based on the difficulty of transition (after being raised on Windows), as well as a general ignorance. I don't know what server software Yahoo! uses. And even if Yahoo! was the #1 search engine, I wouldn't change because of whatever it uses.

    I'm glad that Google is taking over, because it's showing that a free service can be good. I also like their sense of humor and what seems to be a very good community. But I doubt they will influence the OS market at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabhan
    I don't know what server software Yahoo! uses.
    According to the FreeBSD handbook, FreeBSD powers Yahoo!:

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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