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    Good Newsgroup Server

    It seems to be a dieing service these days. but does anyone know of a good, free newsgroup server. my ISP offers news access through giganews, and they only allow 1gb of downloads a month...something I can fill in a day.

    I think my only option will be to find a smaller ISP who doesnt secure their newsgroup server as well as the big guys.

    Anyone know of one that is either free unlimited or has a huge download cap? 20-30gb/month?

    List your ISP's news group server if you feel like it, I can alwase try it.

  2. #2 Thats for my ISP, you can allways give it a try

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    authentication required :/

    mabey with a throwaway email address...that may work for auth.. up to you though

  4. $spacer_open
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    Didnt quite understand what you meant, but you could allways look here:

    bnw; the reason that news stuff probably didnt work maybe you have to be a customer or something

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    Yeah...thats why most dont work. Since most decent ISP's provide you with an unlimited download/month newsgroup server.... but NO! Comcast has to be greedy little bastards and choose to go through another company for news hosting....another company that will charge an aditional fee for unlimited/month

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    You CAN allways use and read/post from there

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    Something tells me that GB's per day and cap concerns add up to more than reading the news

    I'm sure they route back thru usenet, but my old ISP's was

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