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    I would prefer that all computers everywhere have Open Source Operating Systems on them (which means no Microsoft Windows anywhere - but not just because it is Microsoft/Windows - because it is not OpenSource).

    NOTE: This is not a violation of my promise to anomie to "not reply" to anomie's reply - that was in regard to the specific issue being discussed at that time - this is something different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the0r3tic
    Edit: Oh yes, and this remark:

    unless, of course, feeling warm and fuzzy is the epitome and foremost concern in your life (this isnt sarcasm or flame bait, its how I really feel).
    Was totally uncalled for.

    Perhaps, but I was just making a point...

    This was not intended to be aimed at you personally. I was only using your remarks as material for speaking "into the ether" - to the forum in general - to everyone. If I want to direct something to someone in particular, I will use '<name>:' or '@ <name>' to indicate that. Other wise, I am just speaking to the forum in general.

    Look at it this way:

    If I were standing before an audience of people, holding a piece of paper with your comments on it - and speaking to the audience, making reference to your comments - but expressing my own personal perspective, and adding my own personal "twist" -- this is the idea... And, knowing that the person whose comments I was referencing was in the audience doesn't change the meaning of the reason why I was before the audience in the first place (i.e., that is what this forum is for -- everyone has the chance to "express their own perspective" on a particular topic, etc.) Merely using your comments as a reference does not mean that they are directing their comments at you. In general, unless someone "points you out in the audience and directs their remarks to you personally" - using '<name>:' or '@ <name>' (or something similar but fairly obvious) - they are just speaking to the whole audience - "into the ether"...

    No offense intended...

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