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another windows bashing thread that will soon get locked :o...
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    another windows bashing thread that will soon get locked :o
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    Quote Originally Posted by budman7
    No, XP will not continue to kill other bootloaders.
    A virus could kill a bootloader, but Windows will not, unless you continue to reinstall or run fixmbr.
    Maybe it's just the "Tablet PC" version of XP:
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlosponti
    another windows bashing thread that will soon get locked :o
    Who is bashing Windows.
    People are giving instuctive criticism regarding bootloaders.
    And there is a difference between instructive criticism and just saying "XP Sucks".

    And the link Drakebasher supplied was informative, I had no idea that on the Tablet pc that the MBR was rewritten on each boot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drakebasher
    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceSquad
    Hell, windoze even has a clock in it that goes up to like...67 days? Than you need to restart.
    Is that true?
    yep, im sure. I think its like 67 days, 4 hours or something like that....

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    Re: The Ultimate Irony?

    Quote Originally Posted by jerlark386
    XP + nearly decade old computer(233mhz underclocked to 175mhz and 64 megs of ram.) yes its actually possible.

    Damn. I could barely stand waiting for Win95 to boot on a similar machine... Wow.

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    That's very interesting about the MBR constantly getting overwritten. I had no idea. Then again, I've had like no experience with tablets.

    Also, how's this experiment coming along?

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    I'll keep in mind to stay away from the tablet PC version of Windows.
    But actually I think the problem can be easily fixed with Boot Sector Virus protection. Some bioses have this. I don't know if it would actually work..

    As far as the experiment is going. Seems to be going great. I check the cpu everyonce in a while and its barely warm. Ofcourse, keep in mind I AM running a somewhat tweeked setup of windows. Nearly all the services are disabled, priorities are set to low, and I don't use the computer a whole lot. Its primary role right now is as a wireless internet gateway.
    I don't know if theres any uptime command in Windows, and I'm afraid I'll have to restart this experiment. Mostly because I don't like the posistion of the computer in my bedroom, plus the signal is somewhat weak. Still looking for a good monitoring program for this.

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    If you're looking for it there is a .exe in the resource kit called uptime. Apparently there is a heartbeat written to the registry every five minutes and you can pull uptime details for about 6 months going back, details of bluescreens downtime etc etc. Very usefule.

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