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    another windows bashing thread that will soon get locked :o
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    Quote Originally Posted by budman7
    No, XP will not continue to kill other bootloaders.
    A virus could kill a bootloader, but Windows will not, unless you continue to reinstall or run fixmbr.
    Maybe it's just the "Tablet PC" version of XP:
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlosponti
    another windows bashing thread that will soon get locked :o
    Who is bashing Windows.
    People are giving instuctive criticism regarding bootloaders.
    And there is a difference between instructive criticism and just saying "XP Sucks".

    And the link Drakebasher supplied was informative, I had no idea that on the Tablet pc that the MBR was rewritten on each boot.

    This info can be used to help others.
    If you want to learn more about linux take a linux journey
    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drakebasher
    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceSquad
    Hell, windoze even has a clock in it that goes up to like...67 days? Than you need to restart.
    Is that true?
    yep, im sure. I think its like 67 days, 4 hours or something like that....

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    Re: The Ultimate Irony?

    Quote Originally Posted by jerlark386
    XP + nearly decade old computer(233mhz underclocked to 175mhz and 64 megs of ram.) yes its actually possible.

    Damn. I could barely stand waiting for Win95 to boot on a similar machine... Wow.

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    That's very interesting about the MBR constantly getting overwritten. I had no idea. Then again, I've had like no experience with tablets.

    Also, how's this experiment coming along?

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    I'll keep in mind to stay away from the tablet PC version of Windows.
    But actually I think the problem can be easily fixed with Boot Sector Virus protection. Some bioses have this. I don't know if it would actually work..

    As far as the experiment is going. Seems to be going great. I check the cpu everyonce in a while and its barely warm. Ofcourse, keep in mind I AM running a somewhat tweeked setup of windows. Nearly all the services are disabled, priorities are set to low, and I don't use the computer a whole lot. Its primary role right now is as a wireless internet gateway.
    I don't know if theres any uptime command in Windows, and I'm afraid I'll have to restart this experiment. Mostly because I don't like the posistion of the computer in my bedroom, plus the signal is somewhat weak. Still looking for a good monitoring program for this.

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    If you're looking for it there is a .exe in the resource kit called uptime. Apparently there is a heartbeat written to the registry every five minutes and you can pull uptime details for about 6 months going back, details of bluescreens downtime etc etc. Very usefule.

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