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    is this a joke?!

    read this, it's frustrating, this noob is telling **** about a distro when he only don't knows how to switch between kde and gnome, and he's comparing linux to windows all the way long... tell me what you think about it!

    and at the same time, do you knows if yes, what do you think of it?

    thanks! ciao!

    - tompouceuh

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    3,901 is avery good site, very helpful.

    As for the article about Suse 9.3, it looks like flamebait to me and therefore I won't say anything more about it.
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    Windows has its hold on home users because it is easy to install, there are few things that can go wrong, and if they do the average person can work out what to do.
    1. People do not install Windows, it comes on their new PC from Dell.
    2. Many things can go wrong with any OS.
    3. A lot of people don't know what a filepath is.

    Firstly installation. Windows can take up to three quarters of an hour, you know something is happening because things move and pictures change. There were a few moments in my hour-long installation of Suse 9.3 where nothing happened, I was sure I had broken it.
    Hmmm.... mabye it's installing software that isn't hidden and people actually use...?

    Now with the screen open, the fun starts. I opened the default media player and a little warning comes up saying that due to legal reasons some videos will not play.

    There is a helpful suggestion in the warning that gives you a web site to pick up the missing codecs. The warning is completely right. In fact I could not find a single video that the player would play – the borked player could be made to be of no use to man or beast.
    Find some fng mpegs, not proprietary WMV and MOV crap.

    Not so with Suse. You download a program, extract it yourself and, if you are lucky, you can then use something called Yast to do it all for you.
    YaST/yum/apt/ports/portage/autopackage are just as easy as installing things on Windows.

    hey are just advertisements for the idiots who designed the software and tend to go into great details about the licence agreement, which, as most users tell you, isn't as important as getting the software going.
    GPL not important?!?!?! Someone, shoot this poor thing.

    Next, I wanted to test this Beagle thingee since it had not been loaded by default and used Yast to install it. Nothing happened. Yast told me Beagle was installed, but there were no icons, nothing in the tool bar and nothing downloaded where I could access it. I then spent an ironic three quarters of an hour searching for the search software, before I gave up.
    Type beagle. Problem solved

    My problem is that I really wanted Suse to be what it said it was on the tin. However someone not familar with Linux is left with the feeling that it is all like a secret society, where bits of information are assumed or given on the nod to the select few.
    Yes, free software is all about secrecy

    Suse has no useful help material, no wizards, and it does some bizarre things that I have no idea how to fix.
    Yes, yes, KDE, YaST and manuals are no help

    And before the flames start and claim that I am a moron for not being able to get thing running properly, I should point out that I have had no trouble with every version of Windows since 3.1. Also I was able to guess ways to get the software to work that an average home user wouldn't.
    Windows requires stupidity to work properly, so the person that wrote that was stupid.

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    I found this part the funniest:

    There are three phases to the installation. The first from the boot-up disk downloads the core components. Then there is a reboot, which if you are not careful and have a Windows partition on the machine, will download the wrong operating system in the middle of your reboot.
    2 reasons:

    First, I highly doubt that SuSE downloads the wrong OS, especially since that's why you burned it to a DVD.

    Second, if you figured out how to boot into the SuSE install, I'm sure you can probably figure out that, if you boot into Windows, you need to boot into SuSE the same way you did before.

    Overall, the review seems pretty bad, due to a lack of effort on the reviewer. Yes, Linux is not as user friendly out of the box. This is one of its greatest appeals. But a few trips to Google should have done wonders for this guy.

    Plus, as I remember from my SuSE days, to install a non-YaST program, you just download the RPM, go to it in Konqueror, and click it, then "Install with YaST".

    Wow. That was really hard and, y'know, impossible.

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    So I am left with having to download a player and codecs off the interweb.
    I really hope that was a joke.

    I have heard Bush use the term "interweb" in a speech before.

    No, but really, that's hilarious.

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    Thw whole process assumed a lot of knowledge and this is where Suse falls down, at least for this ignorant user.
    whats thw?

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    heh, this was pretty funny, although i have never used suse before, i have used other distro's and as long as you have an awesome community like linuxforums theres no problem

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    At least we know he's a knowlegeable hacker:
    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Farrell
    I am a moron for not being able to get thing running properly, I should point out that I have had no trouble with every version of Windows since 3.1.
    Of seven distros I've installed so far, not one has required more than one reboot and that's just to switch from the installation kernel/OS to the installed kernel/OS. Another major OS with which that writer is familiar can require 6 or more reboots in an installation. He obviously had no motivation for installing Linux, so it may be a good thing that he failed.

    Quote Originally Posted by a thing
    3. A lot of people don't know what a filepath is.
    And from what I see in XP (I didn't pay for it), some don't want anyone to know.
    //got nothin'
    ///this use to look better

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    Maybe a different perspective is needed here. Maybe this guy really did have problems installing Suse. Maybe he is not quite the techie some of us may be. But that is the point. Windows come preinstalled most times. Most folks don't have to figure it out. Please do not misunderstand, I am not endorsing Windows. I am endorsing listening and learning and using that knowledge to improve the product.
    GNU/Linux is a powerful Free OS. Fear is a powerful motivator. Freedom is sweet. Fear GNU/Linux. Savor Freedom.

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    I consider The Inquirer a questionable news source.

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