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    13 28.26%
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    4 8.70%
  • More than 20?? (I'm intrigued, please elaborate)

    10 21.74%
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    Linux Enthusiast
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    Jun 2005
    Odessa, FL

    gentoo, fedora core, debian, mandrake, damn small

    ^^ + freebsd


    i fit in the 5-10 range (whether or not i count the non-linux os's )

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    May 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by jpalfree
    crap, sorry. Somehow i didn't see that there was already an identical poll. (should have guessed though)...
    Don't sweat it, his favorite distro is Windows XP Home Edition-SP2. Besides, the other poll is over a year old. Things change.
    //got nothin'
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    Linux User Game master pro's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    Tasmania, australia
    i've had, ubuntu, kubuntu, debian, yoper and slackware, so that makes 5

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    Linux User zba78's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Birmingham, England
    Do live CDs count?
    Ubuntu Jaunty :: Arch Linux (current) :: Acer Aspire 1692WMLi

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    Sep 2005
    Tasmania, australia
    Quote Originally Posted by zba78
    Do live CDs count?
    i doubt it, unless you have installed it to a harddrive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Game master pro
    Quote Originally Posted by zba78
    Do live CDs count?
    i doubt it, unless you have installed it to a harddrive
    i dont see why they shouldnt count, i used damn small for a server for a long time
    just mounted the webroot from the hdd and off ya go
    so technically that was being used as a distro
    for a damn long lime...

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    Linux Engineer
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    Apr 2005
    1. Slackware (first try, total distaster)
    2a. Fedora Core 2 (second time, hoping it goes better)
    2b. Fedora Core 3 (once again tempted by the fancy Gnome desktop)
    3. SuSE 9.2 (this time for real, I'm switching)
    4. Kanotix (SuSE is too heavy for my second pc)
    5a. Minislack 1.1 (looking for a SuSE replacement - I think I found my thing)
    5b. Zenwalk 1.2 (Minislack's successor - I found my favorite distro! Yay! )
    6. Slackware 10.1 (out of curiosity)
    7. SuSE 9.3 (out of curiosity)

    Live CD's:
    8. VectorLinux (before installing to HD)
    4bis. Kanotix (before installing to HD)
    9. Ubuntu
    10. Slax (I had to have a peek :P)

    Now I'm running Zenwalk 1.2 on both pcs, on my heaviest one, I have a quadboot: Win Xp, Zenwalk testing (alphas & betas), Zenwalk clean (for creating dedicated packages), and a small Zenwalk install to play my DVD's and stuff (big ass 19" Sony TFT).
    Debian Jessie x86_64 & armhf :: LibreELEC is the solution for your Linux-based HTPC setups.

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    Linux Engineer psic's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Really old Red Hat, Suse, a ton of live cd's (many of them installed, among others Mepis, Knoppix, Kanotix, MiniSlack, Slax I think,), five versions of Vector, Gnoppix, Ubuntu, Phlak, Morphix, DSL, tried Gentoo but couldn't get it installed, Goblinix, will try Kororaa in a few days (already burned the .iso, but haven't gotten around to it), Xevian, Buffalo, ...

    I spent a month looking for a good distro, and later when I got a laptop, I went through it all again
    Stumbling around the 'net:

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    I've tried and used (if only for a day):

    -SUSE (month)
    -Fedora Core 3 (about a week)
    -Slack (about 2 days)
    -Red Hat 7 (about a year or so)
    -Ubuntu (currently at 2 months)
    -DSL-on HDD (about a month when I was using my old laptop and the mobo wasnt dead)
    -Debian (about a year or so)

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    Linux User truoc444's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Southern Roots, Stuck in the Mountains
    I'm Currently Running SimplyMepis and Suse on a triple boot machine with XP. in the past i've run Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Morphix, Mandrake, DSL, Knoppix, Linspire, PCLinuxOS, FC4, Xandros, Yoper, Vector, Red Hat, and even tried Floppix. I don't think i ever left any of them for more than a day or to because half the fun is wiping the drive and making new distros work.
    Desktop: Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz 1.5 GB RAM Ubuntu/XP Pro
    Laptop: Macbook 2 GHz C2Duo 3 GB RAM OS X/ Ubuntu/ XP Pro
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    Go 'Stros!

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