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    The elinks Web Browser

    How many of you have tried the elinks text mode web browser? I just discovered it and am really taking a fancy to it.

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    Just read about half of The Cathedral and the Bazar in it. The best part is the gray text on black background. The bug where some characters just stick there is annoying.

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    Don't use elinks, but do on occaision use Links graphics which is the Links browser plus graphics. It's the fastes browser out there, although it isn't yet ipv6 compliant. Not to worry yet, as there's still plenty of ipv4 out there...

    I just wish I could get Java working with Links graphics. That way, vnc-java would be a lot faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapper Dan
    Don't use elinks, but do on occaision use Links graphics

    Or "links -driver fb"

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    I haven't tried elinks, but I find myself using Links (without graphics) a lot. I'm not sure why -- seems like you're getting "just the facts" when there aren't any images. Guess you have to be in a minimalist mood.

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    My main browser that I use is lynx, but it does not support frames so sometimes I have to use links. I don't use X so graphical links is a great thing to have if you don't want to download all pictures and view them manually, it even supports tabs.

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    For non graphical console browsing, elinks is simply the best there is, even if it is only because of tabs. Though, it does have some (very limited) color and css support, frames, tables, mouse, and all that other stuff.

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