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Thread: OpenOffice 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjamin20
    i love it but i hate it. its nice and smooth, but it takes forever to load for no reason at all and it uses java.
    OO will load faster if you change the memory settings. Go to Tools/Options and select, "memory." You can increase the memory given to OO which will help it load faster.
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    yeah, it's still slow for me, but i'm not sure if it's open office or just my computer that's slow...

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    Itīs probably just your computer OO opens/runs really fast here and this is a 733 Mhz pc

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    You could always just prelink it. But I concur, much better than 1.4, etc. My hat is off the the OOo developers!

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    no, my main os right now is windows, because I can't get my modem to work in linux. OpenOffice is really slow in windows too.

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    i love the new OO2- it's fast and it's sharp. Now all we've got to do is spread the word to put a dent in our favorite company's sales.
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    after having a few probllems just installing OO2... i must say i like it... with a few theams here and there, no one needs to worry about microsoft office...

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