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Thread: Strange EULA

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    Quote Originally Posted by smolloy
    Quote Originally Posted by jimbaloo
    How do you people know what is in the EULA? I can' t imagine that someone would voluntarily sit down, and read those things.
    I remember thinking that I really should read at leat one of those things before I agreed to it, but it's written in a way that freezes up your brain about 3 lines into it. Simply impossible to read all the way thru without superhuman endurance
    All hail Zod..., I mean TechieMoe 'cause it looks like he has read a bunch of these things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dylunio
    Damn! I can't use Solaris to navigate the ICBM I'm building in the back yard
    use a linux kernel i dont think the gpl has an entry like that, distros tend to have the same rules. By the way did novel sell ye that ICBM?

    If i ever get to input in a eula im reserving the right to camp in the users back yard/garden
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    there's nothing really important in the EULA, i don't know if they actually want you to read it or not. I always just click on "agreed" without even reading a word. It's like Microsoft is playing on that. Some day users will be like "hey, i don't like xp phoning home, i don't like product activation" and microsoft is gonna be like "oh, but you agreed to the contract, hahahaha!!!". And the US goverment is gonna say "hey you can't do that, activation is a violation of privacy!" and bill gates will escape in a hot air balloon and hide all his money in a swiss bank account...

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