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    Which one is "The Best?"

    Hello everyone, i'm new to the forums.

    Just recently I have personally discovered there is more to the world then microsoft, and my curiosity has led me to Linux.

    I'm wondering, i'm somewhat of a Linux newbie, and i've got quite a few nice computer machines. I'm a huge Microsoft junkie, so i'm not un-experienced is computers what so ever, just Linux.

    So what would be your suggestion as a best way to start out? A friend of mine gave me Fedora, i'm wondering should I use that? I've got a fast interenet connection, so I can download any file, nor matter how big.

    Let me know, i'd appreciate your feedback!

    Glad I stumbled upon this great place!

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    in your situation, fedora core and suse would both be good options

    oh, and welcome to the forums

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    Firstly, welcome aboard.

    Secondly, check out this thread:

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    If it's the latest version of Fedora (4), install it. Otherwise burn yourself the CDs (or the DVD) and install that.

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    Welcome to the forums, to make your choice easier on which distro to use, take the Linux distro chooser test
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    Welcome to the forum. You've asked the million dollar question, and it's one we have a very special thread in the forum dedicated to. Check out the link bryansmith provided. In short, what's "the best" depends entirely on what you want, and no one knows that better than you. Happy hunting.
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