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    Elitelinux lives up to it's name!

    A thought with a pint or two...........

    This site is the best linux site on the net ,web ect..., not only that all Q's are answred well and in a timley manner, ( but one i posted) with light humor sprinkled in at all points deserving it(not flammed). The fact that i like this place is to say that it is good, The fact that i have stayed with it means that this site is great. Cheers to the brit that made it, and the rest that moderate it. The fact that without you i would be lost,(not that it matters anymore, i found my books(just kidding))i'd be on my six'th or sixteenth install/config still with no clue, putting all that works to the side just trying to make what dosn't work,work .( cd-r -rw, network printer, dvd/+&-r/+&-rw, ect...) no biggie we'll get it done.

    An irish cream later..........

    Now what sucks is, that on this install all of KDE works ,so i'm not using command line as much as i should,to learn linux propperly.........(this install wants me to get rid of all M$ os's permenantly (but photoshop,autocad &vellum prevents me))-O' is great but as of yet , i can't get it to work with the former titles.

    To say that linux bbs's are the same is to say that you havent found Elitelinux .* , yet!

    So i can only thank you, all of you, as the brit (jaguar(nice car))says,the Community

    THNX mike........... learning as i go.

    M$ will have a slow death.......and Tux shall inherit thy earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!. (you say 'meek 'i say 'Tux'- same thing for now)

    Just a few thoughts

    The recipe for this post is : 2-3pints of beamish 1-2, irish creame's and the thoughts flow............(for the brits ..ale works too)
    ~Mike ~~~ Forum Rules
    Testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up, it is perfect. ~ Linus Torvalds

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    er, cheers?

    Recipe for making this post: Caffeine (lots of) :P

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