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    Naw, flaming is a waste of time and anti-social. Someone said that hackers are more tolerant of others' opinions because they have strong views of their own. This is good! It's one of the things which attracts me to this forum: you all have a point of view.

    For a really interesting take on the war try:

    My favourite Scottish folk singer and left wing agitator! He's also into programming, so you have more in common than you think
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    Good link Fingal, Ta!
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    Most important thing, he's caught.

    And now, let (independent) justice do it's work.
    If a honest trial (not by the USA) gives a verdict, that verdict can be defended. Is it a sentence in jail or even the death sentence, so be it. The most important thing (in my opinion) is that it's a fair trial!

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    What is "fair" is defind by the culture in which you were raised and are currently in. We all need to be carefull in the use of culturally defined words.

    \"Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer\" from The Art of War by Sun Tzu\"

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    Quote Originally Posted by flw
    What is "fair" is defind by the culture in which you were raised and are currently in. We all need to be carefull in the use of culturally defined words.
    Okay, I'll rephrase that, "... an objective trail ...".
    What I meant was a trial that isn't driven by hatred...

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    i think that he should be put in a bullet proof class cage and then they should bring him on tour and charge a dollar or two to see him. it could be like a traveling zoo. it would make the us gov't alot of money then he could go over to another country if they want to do the same thing like the UK maybe. and this will bring in alot of money to rebuild Iraq with.

    but its jst a thought
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    they shouldn't execute him.. that would be too easy a way out then all his pure followers would just try to kill everyone cause they will probally figure that they will get to god whether they get caught or not...
    its a tough cookie
    Thanks v much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fingal
    For a really interesting take on the war try:
    That's a pretty good read. He has a good point (of view) and some good evidence and such to back it up.

    As far as punishment goes, Sadaam has done some bad things. No matter what your culture, we all know reasonably well the differences between good and bad, right and wrong. As such, we all can agree that Sadaam's bad actions outweighed the good ones (if any).

    But are we entitled to decide if he lives or dies? I certainly do not think so. I believe that there is only One who can deal out death righteously. I also know that not everyone believes in the same manner. But I think that whether we believe the same things or not, we can all agree that keeping him locked up would most likely be the best course of action.
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