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    Belize C.A.

    It's nice to be aboard the S.S. Linux!!!

    Hi there everyone!
    Thanks so much for your replies. It feels great to know that there are people out there who share a passion. (even if it is towards an OS)
    Thanks to you guys I feel more at home now, and I realize that the path towards linux has a lot of [commonalities]... (I wonder if that's a word??? hehe...)

    For one thing... redundncy isn't so bad as long as you eventually break the cycle. I messed up my mandrake 9.1 installation trying to compile the new [unstable gnomemm] libraries. After n amount of hours trying to repair the damage I said... what tha heck... I'll re-install only to find out that my distro cd's were all scratched. BUMMER! I then pulled out my red hat distro cds and installed that instead. The reason I uninstalled redhat 9.1 in the first place was because the lack of mp3 support and automount of ntfs. Things that maybe I wouldn't have fixed or learned how to fix if I didn't reinstall after my most unfortunate mistake. Now I'm happy with red hat than I was with mandrake. Not to say that mandrake sux. But I guess that I'm greatful for that little accident. Because of that I learnt a lot over one weekend.

    Oh yeah... my friend who has been a Linux addict since 3-4 years now gave me another copy of the mandrake distro... so that's cool. He also gave me a Debian distro... something I must try... and also was telling me about the Gentoo distro. Man there is so much to do!!!!!

    But before I stray FURTHER into the sunset I'd like to say thanks once again to those of you who replied. As you can see it is easy to get overwhelmed with joy to realize that Linux is here to stay thanks to the MANY efforts put forth by the Linux addicts out there!

    God bless Linux and Linus and all the hackers, developers, addicts and anyone pushing linux forward!

    Oh yeah... I compiled my first Linux app today using the gtkmm libs. So that was cool!
    It's sort of a mp3 manager, player that keeps track of my collection and deletes any duplicates.
    I'm currently adding more query support so I can look up songs I have that are not on my HD.
    I like keeping my mp3's under compiled cds... so making the program scan my cds and catalogging them was one of my primary goals.
    Future plans include network support, ripper and burner. I'll try to make it a bit more mature and then release it under GPL to the general public. I still haven't thought of a name for it so maybe one of you guys can help.

    Later guys!
    And Happy Hacking!

    P.S. To the person who visited Belize... Man... I often find myself drinking too much as well. I guess you just can't help it with so many tropical drinks to choose from.

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    you can get BeOS free from
    And I think you can get OS/2 from

    Although I must admit I haven't used OS/2 for quite a few years (when I started playing with computers, the latest O/S was MS-DOS 3.31 or Zenix (if you had a beast of a PC - ie. a 286)).

    have fun

    Use Suse 10.1 and occasionally play with Kubuntu
    Also have Windows 98SE and BeOS

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    I got introduced to the wonderful world of free software when I was about 9-10 years old, my cousin brought along with himself a version of Suse, IIRC it was 6.3 or 6.4 but I cannot remeber 100%, installed it, didn't get my isdn to work, and because I was already a heavy internet addict at that time it didn't take long before I installed windows and got internet again.

    Later, maybe a year or so, I saw a one of those IDG "Linux for idiots" books, bought one which happened to have Redhat Linux 6.0 at the back, I installed it, didn't get my ISDN card to work, unsinstalled it, installed it, an endless loop so to say.., and I finaly got a program that's called "qtisdnlinux" or something and then my ISDN card worked, and since then I've been using it ever since exept for short brakes like new computer, windows pre-installed etc...

    Welcome to the forum (although it might be a little late? :P)

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