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    rm -rf *

    well i was having two home directories long ago (I had two distros back then) and I had to remove one of the homes (which was supposed to have only my bashrc and some junk) and you can guess what happened. I typed
    rm -rf *
    in the wrong one. OOPS I lost all my work in just one second and the latest backup was 5 days old !!!
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    Once while using SuSE, I completely deleted /var by accident.
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    One potentially dumb thing to do is kill yourself. When I built my PC I used magazine articles and books to guide me. Quite a few of these recommend plugging the PSU into the mains to 'avoid a build up of static which could fry your chip' etc.

    If you accidently have the mains switch on this could be the last mistake you make. I think I was lucky.
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    The rm -rf * im / is pretty bad... but mine was probably my GFX card bodge i superglued a heatsink + fan to the card, and mustve spilt some on the fan.. booted my machine up, went fine, then i got a funny creaking sound.. then a bang. My GFX card power lead (ill explain the fan bodge soon) had got caught in my main CPU fan , and had pulled the card off and shorted a load of stuff, only recovereable thing was the cpu and the hd. Id bodged the fan onto the heatsink upside down, and glued it to the heatsink, but the glue handt set and , well.

    Dumbest thing ive ever done... what a waste of a X850 XT.. apart from that.. cant think of much, apart from the time my brother got 3 cd's stuck in a cd drive... but i wont go there.


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    I didn't realize how out of it I was this morning until I somehow read "Dumbest thing you've ever done with a girl..." as the title of this thread. That's a completely different topic, into which I will not delve.

    The dumbest thing I ever did with a computer was way back in my pre-Linux days. I was playing around with a computer someone let me borrow and thought it would be fun to try out this software I found in their floppy collection (we're talking about 5 1/4" floppies here) that was simply labeled "Utilities".

    Long story short I ended up hosing their harddrive, to the point where it was unbootable by anything. Since I wasn't quite as well-versed in PCs at this point in my life (I was about 12), I couldn't fix it, so I had to sheepishly return the non-functional PC to said person with an honest (but not quite satisfactory) explanation of what happened.

    Since then I've learned a lot more about computers and their inner workings. Not to mention NEVER running unmarked "utility" software I find in a pile of floppies on a system I can't afford to hose.
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    Dumbest thing ive ever done with a Girl.. now that would be a story to hear... not sure how censored the topic would have to be though..

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    Dumbest thing you've ever done with a computer
    i'm surprised nobody has yet said "........Installed windows" . its kinda inevitable on a linux forum that soimeone is bound to say it.

    anyway, the dumbest thing that i've done with a computer is probably installing rpm packages designed for red hat on my mandrake distro. didn't really do much other than give me small problems with upgrading packages at a later date. that all back in my earlier days of desktop linux though.

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    i spent every night for 2 weeks fixing a laptop for the brother of a girl i was trying to hook up with and had it in the back of my car to deliver it. same day i needed to help someone move something and had a box dropped on top of the laptop. needless to say laptop lcd's aren't the strongest things in the world. so i got to "donate" my laptop that was about 3 times as fast to them to save face.

    **Edit**does that count as Dumbest thing i ever did to a computer and dumbest thing i ever did for a girl?**
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    Well, not counting all the embarrassing emails I've sent...

    I was an Amiga diehard back in the day. I had this little chip that you put *in between* the cpu and the mboard that would snag guru interrupts(system failures) and often let you recover without the system going down. Really cool geek stuff - get a guru(sort of the Amiga version of the BSOD), push a button, your system came back. Anyway, this was before I was into Windows(ech) and Intel boxes, so consequently hadn't had a lot of experience with the internals of computer systems. I pulled the cpu, inserted the "go-between", plugged the cpu back into it, and it was crooked. Hmmm. Stupid cpu. So I took my girlfriend's hair dryer and *banged* on that cpu. Again. And again. Eventually I noticed I had managed to completely snap off one of the cpu pins. Oops.

    Happy ending, though. I took one of my girlfriend's hairpins, rammed it into the pinhole and bent it so it connected with the broken pin in the cpu, and it worked. For years. Ahhh, those were the days...

    So in a way, I've hit two birds with one stone - dumb things with my 'puter, and dumb things with my woman's hair treatment products.


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    Back when I was dual booting Red Hat and Windows 95 I thought it would be a good idea to rename the root account. Ahh, security through obscurity. Anyway, things progressed quite well until I actually tried to delete the root account. The helpful user management program did a quick survey of my system and deleted every file owned by root. At this point the Linux system didn't have anything important, but it had auto-mounted the windows partition on boot. Oddly enough it didn't delete any of the empty directories. It didn't even crash. I remember spending ten minutes in a panic trying to will the files back into existence.

    Most spectacular was surfing the Internet during a thunderstorm. There was a brilliant flash and a spark lept a few inches from the case to the table leg (thankfully) between me and the case. I screamed and jumped off the seat, hesitated a moment and yanked the power lead. After the storm the computer came back up without a hitch, in fact I had it running as a ltsp client a few months ago.

    Except the modem. It was a toasty mess.

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