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    Quote Originally Posted by zdawg
    <blue-elf> IRC Weather: Partly laggy with an 80% chance of netsplits.Expect some afternoon smurf attacks coupled with windbags from the east.
    LOL! What the number (gotta vote for it )
    [edit]the number is 11004[/edit]
    Regards Scienitca (registered user #335819 - )
    A master is nothing more than a student who knows something of which he can teach to other students.

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    <+Velcant> My dad just wandered off to buy 50 meters of wireless LAN cable. Good luck to him.
    ~Mike ~~~ Forum Rules
    Testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up, it is perfect. ~ Linus Torvalds

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    Hrm, after a little consideration, I found this remarkably accurate:
    Topic in #os: hey guyz, stop pickin on irix.
    <SCO> w00t! i bought unix! im gonna b so rich!
    <novell> /msg atnt haha. idiot.
    <novell> whoops. was that out loud?
    <atnt> rotfl
    <ibm> lol
    <SCO> why r u laffin at me?
    <novell> dude, unix is so 10 years ago. linux is in now.
    <SCO> wtf?
    <SCO> hey guyz, i bought caldera, I have linux now.
    <red_hat> haha, your linux sucks.
    <novell> lol
    <atnt> lol
    <ibm> lol
    <SCO> no wayz, i will sell more linux than u!
    <ibm> your linux sucks, you should look at SuSE
    <SuSE> Ja. Wir bilden gutes Linux für IBM.
    <SCO> can we do linux with you?
    <SuSE> Ich bin nicht sicher...
    <ibm> *cough*
    <SuSE> Gut lassen Sie uns vereinigen.
    * SuSE is now SuSE[UL]
    * SCO is now caldera[UL]
    <turbolinux> can we play?
    <conectiva> we're bored... we'll go too.
    <ibm> sure!
    * turbolinux is now turbolinux[UL]
    * conectiva is now conectiva[UL]
    <ibm> redhat: you should join!
    <SuSE[UL]> Ja! Wir sind vereinigtes Linux. Widerstand ist vergeblich.
    <red_hat> haha. no.
    <red_hat> lamers.
    <ibm> what about you debian?
    <debian> we'll discuss it and let you know in 5 years.
    <caldera[UL]> no one wants my linux!
    <turbolinux[UL]> i got owned.
    <caldera[UL]> u all tricked me. linux is lame.
    * caldera[UL] is now known as SCO
    <SCO> i'm going back to unix.
    <SGI> yeah! want to do unix with me?
    <SCO> haha. no. lamer.
    <novell> lol
    <ibm> snap!
    <SGI> :~(
    <SCO> hey, u shut up. im gonna sue u ibm.
    <ibm> wtf?
    <SCO> yea, you stole all the good stuff from unix.
    <red_hat> lol
    <SuSE[UL]> heraus laut lachen
    <ibm> lol
    <SCO> shutup. i'm gonna email all your friends and tell them you suck.
    <ibm> go ahead. baby.
    <SCO> andandand... i revoke your unix! how do you like that?
    <ibm> oh no, you didn't. AIX is forever.
    <novell> actually, we still own unix, you can't do that.
    <SCO> wtf? we bought it from u.
    <novell> whoops. our bad.
    <SCO> i own u. haha
    <SCO> ibm: give me all your AIX now!
    <ibm> whatever. lamer.
    * ibm sets mode +b SCO!*@*
    * SCO has been kicked from #os (own this.)

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    i saw this and just had to post it :P

    <BRAVESTAR> -bash-2.05b$ LS
    <BRAVESTAR> -bash: LS: command not found
    <BRAVESTAR> ****

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    <+kritical`> damn look at them linux people
    <+kritical`> are they ever gonna get a woman???
    <+emul8or_> maybe if they pool their money[/quote]

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    <@Nosferatu> Sensitive men do exist...
    <@Nosferatu> A woman meets a gorgeous man in a bar. They talk, they connect, they end up
    <@Nosferatu> leaving together. They get back to his apartment and she notices that his
    <@Nosferatu> bedroom is completely packed with sweet cuddly teddy bears. Hundreds of
    <@Nosferatu> cute small bears on a shelf all the way along the floor, cuddly
    <@Nosferatu> medium-sized ones on a shelf a little higher, and huge enormous bears on
    <@Nosferatu> the top shelf along the wall. The woman is surprised that this guy would
    <@Nosferatu> have a collection of teddy bears, especially one that's so extensive, but
    <@Nosferatu> she decides not to mention this to him, and actually is quite impressed by
    <@Nosferatu> his sensitive side. She turns to him... they kiss... and then they rip each
    <@Nosferatu> other's clothes off and make hot steamy love.
    <@Nosferatu> After an intense night of passion with this sensitive guy, they are lying
    <@Nosferatu> there together in the afterglow, the woman rolls over and she asks,
    <@Nosferatu> smiling, "Well, how was it?"
    <@Nosferatu> The guy says:
    <@Nosferatu> "Help yourself to any prize from the bottom shelf."

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    JonJonB> Purely in the interests of science, I have replaced the word "wand" with "wang" in the first Harry Potter Book
    <JonJonB> Let's see the results...

    <JonJonB> "Why aren't you supposed to do magic?" asked Harry.
    <JonJonB> "Oh, well -- I was at Hogwarts meself but I -- er -- got expelled, ter tell yeh the truth. In me third year. They snapped me wang in half an' everything

    <JonJonB> A magic wang... this was what Harry had been really looking forward to.

    <JonJonB> "Yes, yes. I thought I'd be seeing you soon. Harry Potter." It wasn't a question. "You have your mother's eyes. It seems only yesterday she was in here herself, buying her first wang. Ten and a quarter inches long, swishy, made of willow. Nice wang for charm work."
    <JonJonB> "Your father, on the other hand, favored a mahogany wang. Eleven inches. "

    <JonJonB> Harry took the wang. He felt a sudden warmth in his fingers. He raised the wang above his head, brought it swishing down through the dusty air and a stream of red and gold sparks shot from the end like a firework, throwing dancing spots of light on to the walls

    <JonJonB> "Oh, move over," Hermione snarled. She grabbed Harry's wang, tapped the lock, and whispered, 'Alohomora!"

    <JonJonB> The troll couldn't feel Harry hanging there, but even a troll will notice if you stick a long bit of wood up its nose, and Harry's wang had still been in his hand when he'd jumped - it had gone straight up one of the troll's nostrils.

    <JonJonB> He bent down and pulled his wang out of the troll's nose. It was covered in what looked like lumpy gray glue.

    <JonJonB> He ran onto the field as you fell, waved his wang, and you sort of slowed down before you hit the ground. Then he whirled his wang at the dementors. Shot silver stuff at them.

    <JonJonB> Ok
    <JonJonB> I have found, definitive proof
    <JonJonB> that J.K Rowling is a dirty DIRTY woman, making a fool of us all
    <JonJonB> "Yes," Harry said, gripping his wang very tightly, and moving into the middle of the deserted classroom. He tried to keep his mind on flying, but something else kept intruding.... Any second now, he might hear his mother again... but he shouldn't think that, or he would hear her again, and he didn't want to... or did he?
    <melusine > O_______O
    <JonJonB> Something silver-white, something enormous, erupted from the end of his wang

    <JonJonJonB> Then, with a sigh, he raised his wang and prodded the silvery substance with its tip.

    <JonJonJonB> 'Get - off - me!' Harry gasped. For a few seconds they struggled, Harry pulling at his uncles sausage-like fingers with his left hand, his right maintaining a firm grip on his raised wang.


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