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  • Linus Torvalds

    32 91.43%
  • Bill Gates

    3 8.57%
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    Bill Gates Versus Linus Torvalds: Rumble In The Jungle

    If it came down to a fight between Linus Torvalds and Bill Gates who do you think would win ?

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    Linux Engineer
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    Sep 2003
    Knoxhell, TN
    Linus. Hands down. No contest. :P
    Their code will be beautiful, even if their desks are buried in 3 feet of crap. - esr

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    Dec 2002
    New Zealand
    torvalds, not because i support his work, but because hes an angry swede, and Sir bill is a *****. he would go cry to his lawyers when he got hit.

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    Linux Guru loft306's Avatar
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    well i 'd hope but, Bill would just hire someone to do his fighting for him..
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    Linux Enthusiast scientica's Avatar
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    Fair fight? No problem, Linus winns by walk over (gates crashed)
    unfair fight? Well, then Linus just makes an "int 0x80" with 0x1337C0DE in eax and the penguins and the hurd of GNU comes to assist
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    Gates and his "security team" lost to a pie thrower in the early 90s, so Linus gets my vote.

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    Jun 2003
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    Yes indeed folks it comes down to this,
    bill, the billy goat, gates and linus, linux, trovalds this will be a truly momuntus ocassion in what so people have comed to tearm this fight a "rumble in the jungle", who will win we shal leave to the good lord but i can tell you this with mr.gates standing at /insert height/ and / of pounds/ and mr.trivalds standing at /insert height/ and /x no.of pounds/ this will surly be a tremundous occasion.
    the bookmakers are quoting 80 to 1 on on mr. trovalds (did i get that right?) in this rum-ble-in-the-jun-gle
    Thanks v much

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    Linux Engineer Giro's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by mad_red_hatter
    the bookmakers are quoting 80 to 1 on on mr. trovalds (did i get that right?)
    Looks like linus is going to lose with those odds :P

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    I voted for Bill because I'm shure Billy could burry Linus in legal problems, thus no need for real violence.

    But the real battle, would be between Steve Ballmer and Richard Stallman

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    Good observation, kriss, about the thing between Steve Ballmer and Richard Stallman! I was just lmfao when I read that! How true, how true.

    The 'rumble in the jungle' shouldn't be a physical one, though. It should be along the line of a 'haX0r warz' thing. That would be the REAL deal!

    So, we now have two showdowns: Bill Gates vs. Linus Torvalds and Steve Ballmer vs. Richard Stallman.

    Strangely enough, I think the one between Ballmer and Stallman would be the more interesting one!


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