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    Quote Originally Posted by CopperTop
    I voted for KDE, although I wouldn't say that it's necessarily better. Just appeals more to me.
    I used to think GNOME was much better but now, as CopperTop said, KDE just appeals more to me. I think maybe because Suse is such a KDE heavy distro that I have come to like it more.

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    i have tried alot of WM, and of them all, i use Fluxbox, even though my machine could handle
    pretty much anything. KDE, and Gnome both feel to heavy and bloated to me, XFCE seems to be fluf, alot of nice things, without the functionality, E16 (not tried E17) seems to be very nice, but still a little bigger than i would like, Fluxbox is so functional and simple, and provides power in a fast and productive WM. it get's my vote.

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    I've not used GNOME since 2.6 or so, but I love KDE's Konqueror simply for right-click functionality (which, for all I know, Nautilus has now).

    As far as anything else, I like KDE's toolbar organization and other such things. Really, it's a bunch of minor pluses for me, since I don't program in QT or Gtk yet.

    However, I will say that I am using a few GNOME apps over here. Gaim owns Kopete hardcore. And KBear was screwing up my tray, so I use gFTP now.

    But I love my Kate. Love it love it love it. Grrr.

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    I think both are fine - I like to play around with Windowmaker sometimes. There are some really good desktop themes for it, and I love so called 'eye candy'. Nothing wrong with candy is there?

    I use KDE the most as I like all that functionality... The one thing I can't get happy with is the kicker... I'm always changing the colours, transparency etc, but it always looks 'wrong' somehow. Just my point of view.
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    Of the 2 i would have to vote KDE, but, i prefer fluxbox even more now! I need to install it on SuSE! but it's not on any online install sources i found yet, so may have to manually rpm it in or find sources and compile!
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    Xfce. Light and fast. But between Gnome and KDE, I'd say KDE, but that's not exactly fair since I haven't used Gnome much.
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    Gnome for me ... i feel like i get more screen space with gnome

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    i used GNOME for a little while but i found that KDE 3.3 to be the better GUI out of the two

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    I use fluxbox now, and thanx sdousley, now running on 1280x1024 px!!!

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    kde , its cool slick @ the same time a problem (which i love to troubleshoot thru ) Gnome is quite a bit soapy & sloppy & not all that appealing maybe i wll give it a go sometime but kde is da one

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