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    Well, I'd recommend against it nonetheless - my mailbox is being filled up with MyDoom mails, so I'm not too fond of it anyway. Other than that, us Linux folks don't have to worry about it physically in any way.

    The problem is the political aspects of it. Since it was some stupid ass Linux zealot who wrote it (OK, it's not 100% certain, but I'd be surprised otherwise), there are in fact a lot of people other than just this one reporter who actually think that Linux people act this way. It's not really the best advertising ever...
    As many open source profiles have said, we are going to beat SCO with the truth, not with brute force, since we (are supposed to) believe in free speech.

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    i read it wasn't just SCO that got specifically targeted by this virus. oh well, news.. . either they're true or not.. . who cares! anyone with enough sense will know.

    clever worm i'd say. i always think that these anti-bug companies have something to do with the bugs that get around. i mean, without these critters they'd be out of business right? it's like politics here in our country. if the current administration gets into trouble (and it always does), it diverts the people's attention by creating something and then making it look like the government solved it when in fact it was all scripted.

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