Well that extra nic thing was a great idea but i had to do it in a win box it kinda sorta works ,but i went back to using the ruoter and just using the expansion port for the dsl,(i only blew the broadband port on the ruoter) and running firewall software on everything... but that is not why i'm here :

The train wreck continues... yesterday i obliterated the MBR ....today i fixed the MBR only to realize that i didn't( i'm booting off of CD).......well back to the wreck to figure out how to fix this.

This is the happiest linux user on the planet i figured it out... and i can also boot the bloody thing manualy now the problem lied in the fact that now grub decided that the root is at (hd0,5) instead of (hd0,4)where it has always been untill i killed the MBR. I just dont get it but it works...though it probably has everything to do with the 1gb of free space that has apeared in the middle of the drive, instead of removing the win partition. (operator error)

Whats next?