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Thread: Windows format

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    I apologize here if I started some negative tension between users but that was not my attention. My point was to bring out the point that users (and when I say users, I mean people like IT managers) think Microsoft OS and applications are superior simply because they are used to it. Furthermore, it's amazing how much security issues some of these applications have.

    With recent finds regaring the latest version of Samba, it outbeat Microsoft's "File and Printer Sharing" in a study. That's beating Microsoft at it's own game. While I still recommend that a novice computer use Windows to familarize themselves, there are Linux distros like Fedora that are very simple to use. On the other hand, I don't see how I could ever run anything other than Linux with server applications for services.


    I am referring to people who say stuff like
    Linux is not better than Windows. People are just jealous.
    When I am having a debate and when someone stoops down to that level to say something like that, that's stupid. Of course this person was a big talker but I really lost a lot of respect for this person that day at work.
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    I only use Linux. I don't play games, so I have no reason whatsoever to run Windows. As for running Windows on servers, I really don't see the point at all - it just doesn't have a single advantage. Sure, Windows has become more stable the last years - that really doesn't say very much...

    I'd say that for me, Linux only offers advantages. It's far more stable, it's open, and even without the source code you can customize it almost like you want it. With the source code, you can customize it exactly as you want it. (Note that this is dangerous - I've customized my RH8 system so much that I virtually cannot leave it. I really want to go to Gentoo, but it would take so long to redo all the changes that I've made... =/ )
    Last but certainly not least, Linux offers freedom. GNU freedom has come to mean really much to me.
    Also, M$ software simply costs too much! I mean, seriously, two times I have been at a local computer store, and people have walked in and asked how much MS Office costs. They just lose their faces when they hear the price. Then I always suggest that they download OpenOffice for free instead, and their faces shine up a bit. =)

    As for user-friendlyness, it very much depends. I'd care to say that the end-user applications are just as user-friendly as Windows, if not even more. What is not as user-friendly as Windows is administrative tasks - setting up drivers, installing and so on. I believe, however, that with the 2.6 kernel and its sysfs, this will undergo major improvements in the coming months, so I think it's just a matter of time before Linux is as user-friendly as Windows. Also, considering the fact the next release of Windows isn't due until 2006 at the earliest, we've got all the time in the world, and given the current rate of evolution in the GNU/Linux world, we will probably already have beaten Longhorn by far once it arrives.

    I've actually managed to convert both my sisters to Linux over the last two months. One of them was a die-hard Windows fan, and I had just installed XP on her computer. I was extremely surprised when she actually came to me and asked me to install Linux for her. She had become terribly tired of XP, its resource-hungryness and bugs. She only keeps a Win98 system to play some games, but she's spending by far most of her time in Linux.

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