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    What an opportunity

    With the recent source code 'scare' for windows now is a good time to put yer linux evangelist's hat on and get touting the penguin.

    Got any copies of isos to hand out?
    Offering your time to help people install the penguin?
    Telling people what mags down at the newsagents have linux distros on them?
    Tattooing 'I love Tux' on your forehead.

    Already got requests from 3 people for disks. Things are looking good.
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    Did it today, to my buddy's xp pro box that was locking up on him in minutes.......and so far he loves it .....untill he called me about 1 hr. after i left, it seems that he decided to put the security up to server level.
    he now wishes he didn't do that. oh well i'll put it back down to a level that he can use without getting pissed off at it till he learns a little about how it works........i think we got one!
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    Testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up, it is perfect. ~ Linus Torvalds

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    ey, i'm sending a copy to my sister next week and another to my cousin. they were kinda curious when they saw i wasn't using windoze. we might have 2 new linux users. it's gonna grow really big.
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    i con vinced a friend to isntall linux a few days ago, called me when he go tht emakgin partitions bit and i had to explain some stuff but seemed keen to get it working.

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    Linux Guru sarumont's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Gonna have my roommates running it when we get time to help install and teach the feel of it.
    "Time is an illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so."
    ~Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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    Have succeeded in pursuading 3 mates to install it, and have worked another round, his pc jus messes up EVERY time i try to do it in various ways (screen going weird, comp not even turning on etc!!)

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