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    help needed (and its not likux)

    I know...I know, linux forums should be linux questions, but if anyone knows anything about MS IE, how can i delete one of those automatically installed navbar things in the background? I was at a friends site (of course at one of the cheapy ones with the popup ads) and it redirected to some site and when i closed and opened IE, I had a new navigation bar thing here, and it has some...not so nice stuff on it. It set the homepage to: (and I set it back to blank), but when I visit a site, the page goes right back to that. I searched the site for anyway to delete it or anything, or even contact them. There is nothing. What can I do? Isn't it illegal to do such a thing without the ability to uninstall it?

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    just for the sake of clarity: you cannot see it in `add/remove programs'?
    One thing I would recomend is going here:, then clicking `Check for Security Risks' which will open a window, you can do a good virus scan there. They are safe too.

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    It is not in add remove programs, and I checked the symantec and did the virus scan and nothing came up. I did happen to find an email address on one of the pages, and sent in a little love letter. We'll see what turns up tomorrow I hope.

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    it is an adware i think.

    temporary solution: tools->internet options->advanced->disable search from address bar

    then search google for "adware remover"
    anybody know such things (adware-trojan-virus etc..) for Linux?
    Have a nice day

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    Yeh its spy/adware i use spybot and adware to get rid of them.

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    I tried adaware and spybot search & destroy, neither found it. However, with my computer genius...I (accidentally) found the files somewhere in windows/system32 and it is no more. And still no love letter back from them...hmmm.

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