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Thread: Why Linux

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    Why Linux

    Well, I thought this might be an interesting thread if people could relate their reasons why they switched to linux.

    I had two:
    (1a) Cheaper -a lot cheaper, the OS is cheaper, the apps are cheaper -hell, for everything I'll ever need there is a free version that would suffice for my needs.
    (1b) No need to buy Norton, which is terribly expensive for a poverty-stricken english major.

    (2) Microsoft slipped in proprietary software with a security update, so now (at the office) if I want to listen to music I must d/l software (and no explanation of this software is given). They already screwed me at the office, because I can remove the proprietary software, but I must remove the security update as well -not really a choice given this is a company computer. If they were weasels enough to slip the software in, I would be a fool to d/l the new software just so I could listen to music.

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    i can configure Linux!
    Have a nice day

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    I started work for a company that used HP-UX servers. In order to learn more about *nix in general I bought a copy of Mandrake Linux ( on dialup at the time ) so I could mess with it at home. From there I was hooked. From there I started learning Perl and now here I am. Perl programmer and a little RH Linux administration on the side.
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    To start with, I played around with GNU/Linux because I thought it was very interesting. Now I use it because of the freedom it gives me, + its fun


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    To learn it

    Basically, to learn it. I've used DOS/Win32 for all of my computing life, I thought it would be interesting to learn something else. What better then a free OS? (Ok ok, and to pad my resume )


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    I kept hearing how good Linux was and how it beat Windoze in almost every way so I decided to give it a try.

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    I originally just put linux on a very crappy PC to run a TS server, and web development. I saw how easy that was and put linux on my gaming...well...everything PC, and its amazing. In less than 24 hours, i wiped windows off my PC and can ALMOST everything right here in linux. Im also very happy with the user friendliness which I heard was horrible (of course by windows users), and the security, and the better framerates and more power i get in games and generally use. I will NEVER go back to windows.
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    I originally started to use Linux because I wanted to be a hacker. Hacker, that is, in the media sense. AKA, black hat or cracker. I've since learned much and still aspire to be a hacker, but in the true meaning of the word, now.
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    I've been interested in Linux for about 2 years, so I took the plunge. As far as gaming goes on Linux I don't really want to give transgaming $5 a month to use WineX. That's the only reason I have windows.

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    It kind of happened through a job that I had. I learned enough about Unix to make me think that Linux would be OK. And it actually is, and beyond.

    And I'll go alog with the others not really liking M$

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