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    An idea - Open Source Ads

    guys, i have an idea which i would like your opinion.

    i would like to setup an ads server, something like google adsense. but this wont be a profit making venture with advertisers and stuff, but it will be advertisements for open source projects.

    open source project owners can advertise free(or maybe a small fee, very small to prevent fraud or spammers). webmasters who have space can apply to help advertise these open source projects. especially those webmasters using open source software for this websites/forums and so on. something to give back to the open source community.

    maybe using phpadsnew to deliever the ads.

    what do you think ?

    Hope you guys wont think i am spamming. Posted in other forums, but didnt get much feedback.

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    It's an interestiing idea. The most obvious problem is that most webmasters run ads to help recoup the costs of the website, or for some sort of money-making deal, and so free ads probably won't have nearly the attraction of paid ads.

    Also, since it's not very difficult currently to find open-source projects (Between Sourceforge and Google, you can probably find most open-source projects ever developed), I'm unsure of what impact it would have.

    However, I don't know if the above claim is true, so it may well be a great boon to some projects.

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    Yes, it's true that Open Source projects. But the aim to make the ads interesting enough for the casual visitor to click on the adverts on any website. Or even hard core developers. The adverts themselves creates interests for the Open Source projects.

    The biggest problem is still getting webmasters to donate advertising spacer for this effort.

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    Ok, the trial has started and we hope to get "advertisers" and "publishers" for this beta test.

    So if you have an open source application you like to showcase to the world or if you have advertising space for our ads, please pm me.

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