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    Guess no one saw it!

    Or maybe I didn't see it here!

    Linux NTFS write support
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    No, I didn't see it so thanks for pointing it out.

    Sounds good, but I'm going to take a cautious wait and see attitude about it. Hope it turns out to all it's meant to be, though.

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    I do not recommend writing to NTFS partitions in a corporate environment! If Windows and Linux need to share resources, do so using a Samba server. Just my two cents.

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    Although this is certainly a nice feature, it's not one I'll ever use.
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    Slax has enabled this write support, but it's quite crippled tho. It refuses to write with some filesizes but this is actually a feature, by keeping the writing process safe to the NTFS partition. I don't know if this is ntfs-3g the one they're talking about.

    But in the mean time, I prefer using captive. I've tested it and it works like a charm without doing any damage to my NTFS partitions so far

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    Isn't Captive deprecated now? I think it doesn't work on any kernel after 2.6.8 and won't work again. Possibly being abandoned - Am I correct in thinking this?

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    Some editing on the kernel source needed. The sandbox failed if used on a plain 2.6.x kernel. But with a minor edit and tadaa... works like charm. I forgot where I found this info, I think from jankratochvil's mailing list archive. Saying about adding a # header line on the one of the .c files.

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    got it!

    but I read at wikipedia the 117 version of captive is upgraded for 2.6.9 and above compatibility, utilizing FUSE instead of LUFS (whatever the hell those two are anyway lol)

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