My name is mud. I am an engineer by trade, based in Johannesburg in SA. I stumbled across the site while looking for answers to a pressing FreeBSD question, namely, where's the Start button? When I'm not poking FreeBSD with a stick, I'm partial to Slackware, probably because the two are similar in nature.

Now for the joke:

A nun climbs onto a bus in the pouring rain, hands over her money, and stands there staring at the driver.
"May I help you?" he asks.
"Yes." responds the nun, "I am on my way back from the doctors, and have been informed that I am dying of cancer. As I do not wish to die having never experienced sex, I am looking for someone to assist me in this regard."
After giving it a few seconds thought, the driver steers his otherwise empty bus to a quiet back street and joins the nun on the upper deck.
"There are a few conditions before we start," the nun says, "First, I must die a virgin, so this must be done anally. Second, I cannot commit adultery, so you must be unmarried."
The bus driver hastily assures the nun that all is in order and they get down to it.
Once finished, the bus driver falls to his knees before the nun and begs for forgiveness, telling her that he has tricked her, and is indeed married, not to mention the father of three young children.
"Not to worry." grins the nun, "My name is really Kenneth and I'm on my way to a fancy dress party..."