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    Which do like better Gnome or KDE

    I like Gnome because of look and usabilty.

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    Just Joined! Mr Nobody's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    I like gnome!

    I like gnome because it's easier to use, less cramped up and looks cleaner than KDE.

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    Linux Enthusiast gruven's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    It really depends on which day of the week you ask me. I go back and forth.

    I am currently using gnome, but am waiting for KDE4.

    I switch almost monthly, sometimes weekly.

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    Linux Engineer d38dm8nw81k1ng's Avatar
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    this topic has been discussed many times before. here's linkage to one with more replies:
    Here's why Linux is easier than Windows:
    Package Managers! Apt-Get and Portage (among others) allow users to install programs MUCH easier than Windows can.
    Hardware Drivers. In SuSE, ALL the hardware is detected and installed automatically! How is this harder than Windows' constant disc changing and rebooting?

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    Linux Engineer Zelmo's Avatar
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    Funny, I like KDE for its looks and usability.
    I do think Gnome looks cleaner, so that's probably why I used it for several months. But then little things started getting to me, like the open/save file dialog and the Gnome menu editor (which was fine for a while, then went away, then a third-party band-aid was available, and I think now it's been merged into Gnome because the developers realized that maybe people should be able to edit their Gnome menu after all). And I often found myself using Konqueror while in Gnome just because it did things I wanted it to, which Nautilus didn't. Oh, and I've also had an easier time customizing KDE the way I like than I did with Gnome.
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    SuperMod (Back again) devils casper's Avatar
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    KDE.. customization.... almost each and everything...
    you can make it Clean or Cluttered...

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    openbox please

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    Linux Guru techieMoe's Avatar
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    I think we're probably going to end up with an even split once it's all said and done. I'm a KDE head most of the time, but if the distro I'm using is tweaked to work best with GNOME, I'll use it. There isn't as big a gap in functionality as there used to be for me.
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    Gnome.. customization.... almost each and everything...
    you can make it Clean or Cluttered...
    And the cool thing is that it is clean be default to keep it simple.

    How many times does KDE have to ask you if you want to apply such and such, do you want to delete such and such, are you sure?

    How cool is right clicking on a icon and stretching it?

    Gnome - nice and simple and uncluttered and non-confusing

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    May 2004
    arch linux
    There are certain aspects of each that I like the best, so I guess I like them equally. That said, I don't run either of them very often.

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