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    Brand new kid on the block.

    Hello everyone, I am llmj, I am very much a newbe and I have spent the last month driving my poor wife crazy doing my homework and leaning Linux Red Hat 7.1 first and then 9. I am learning Linux because my work uses it. I have printed almost all the manuals from the Red Hat web site and bought the "Linux Bible book" and the "Unleash Linux Red Hat 9" book, published by Sams publishing. I have even walked into my living room with my thumb in my mouth and said to my wife: "maybe I am not smart enough for Linux". The mistake I made was thinking that I am the only one who went through all this. After surfing the net and reading around different Linux sites, am I wrong to think that at one time all of you Linux moderators have gone though this same Linux install stress yourselves?

    Now that I am finely in and Red Hat 9 is running on my computer, I will never go back. Now how many times have all of you experienced Linux users herd that one? Two days ago this hard drive was sharing Red Hat 9 with Windows 98 SE so I could run some old favorite games but the crashing and blue screen from 98, blue screened me once to often the viruses and other 98 SE headaces forced me to run only Red Hat 9. I do have another computer that I run XP on that is in the NTFS format and I will keep using two computers for maybe a year, till I get Linux mastered better after which Linux will take over everything in both my computers.

    Anyway, I wrote this profile about me to help you moderators understand where I have gone and how far I plain on going. I am not a programer or expert but I have built both my computers but that means nothing when it comes to software or operating systems. I do have some questions I will be asking soon. I would tonight but it is time to go to bed. I can not wait to get to know my knew operating system better. Thanks to all of you experience Linux users for your willingness to help us newbe's.

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    welcome to!

    Its good to see people doing their homework, it really does make life easier in the end, a lot of people who install linux and decide to un-install it (IMO) generally havent looked at any sort of documentation, and expect everything to be like windows (what a shock when its not!).

    Anyway, welcome, i hope you enjoy your time on the board



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    I think we've all felt your pain at one time or another. Kudos to you for sticking with it and 'seeing the light'.

    Welcome to the forums!
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    am I wrong to think that at one time all of you Linux moderators have gone though this same Linux install stress yourselves?
    Well, everyone has been a newbie at some time. I remeber how it was like with those annoying tar.gz packages, how to run text-only programs, how to get my internet working etc etc..

    I know that feeling of frustration, but just stick with it, and read read read and you will get a better grip on things as you go. And reading posts here won't hurt either

    Anyways, good luck

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    hey, i know what you are goin thru i installed slackware like 5 or 6 times before i got it to boot at all. we have all be in your position. i love hearing that even after all that trouble you stuck with it. alot off ppl jst turn back to windows after it not working the way they want right away. and welcome to the forums
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