Hi linux-users!

I'm fernape a user of linuxforums and a (ocasional) writer

I start this thread cause, since a short time, I'm envolved in a Open Source Project with some friends. Recently we released our new version 0.2-alpha.
The project (lkmonitor) is a simple system monitor. It is not so full-featured or stable, but it is a first step . It is available in English, Spanish, German, Croatian, Italian and Russian (so if you would like to see lkmonitor translated into your language, please, send me a mail )

The app is available as a tgz. rpm, deb and slackware packages are available only for 0.1-stable, but we will build the distribution packages for the 0.2-stable release.

We would like so much if you could download and test it. Since this is an alpha version, it is expected to be buggy and so, we need your feedback.

This is just our little contribution to Open Source

Many thanks!


PS: Thanks to TechiMoe for point me to this forum.