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    Just Joined! Mr Nobody's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    Hello Again! I am 12 years old!

    Just to make it clear I'm going to tell you the story of how i found out about Linux. It was on my 11th birthday and i was a the library. I was bored so i picked up a copy of Australian PC User . I read through it and found a lot about computers including linux. Now i am continuously building up my knowledge of computers. I am now trying to learn java and C++. I am also dual-booting windows and suse. What do you think of it? Am I the youngest here? And I'm also born in Hong Kong.

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    Linux Newbie easuter's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    welcome! not sure if you're the youngest here or not, but at that age you will be a linux expert by the time you are as old as me. :P
    you will find that programming is very well supported with linux (normaly the mainstream distros like SUSE have programming tools included)

    if you are still completely new to programming, then maybe java or C++ are a bit complicated just yet. you could try an easier scripting language such as python to start off with.

    oh, and if you want to start getting aquainted with the linux command line, i suggest you read this:
    its a very complete and easy to understand site, enjoy!
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    That's cool. I'm 13! I run Slackware.I'm also dual-booting that and Windows. I've never used SUSE before though. I've finally got everything working lol. I was having some problems with internet, then dual-booting, then sound, but it finally all works, and quite well. That's pretty cool to learn C++ and Java, and bold too. You'll be able to do some pretty cool stuff. Like said, it is probably best to try something easier first, and get used to scripting and coding. Then move on. It's plenty of fun. Best of wishes for many good years of Linux and programming for you to come bro!

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    Linux Guru fingal's Avatar
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    Birmingham - UK
    Hello and welcome. I don't know who the youngest forum member is: there's quite a wide age range here these days. Most people seem to be under 25, but I'm 42 and still learning.

    I hear Python is a good language to learn. It can be used for writing scripts, but it's also a complete programming language in its own right. It's a very efficient way to write code - including applications with GUIs if you use the right libraries.

    Good luck for the future!
    I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. - Pablo Picasso

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    Linux User netstrider's Avatar
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    South Africa
    This is quite an interesting topic. I only managed that this year, I'm 17. So you people say python, I've also been meaning to learn programming languages but I want to start from something that I can build on...And what I have in mind is also to learn something for web design. I can do XHTML and CSS pretty well, well enough to get a XHTML validation on my page, but I want to learn something such as PHP and MySQL to help me on that, any idea which would be better?

    Javascript, PHP? Can Python also be used for this?

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    Banned jan1024188's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    hi im 13 years old.a friend told me about linux 2 months ago.My first distro was FC4.Firs i was windows user and i tought that linux is **** like lot of other people.But when i tried it and started using it i leked it more and more and more.Now i have slackware,FC,ubuntu and win runing on my computer.I have also knoppix on my usb stick key.I wanna learn perl and python.
    The only problem is here in slovenai is not easy to get books and ill have to wait for half year until ill be able to start studyng perl and python.
    And i also think that we should show how good linux realy is(windows users dont know that)

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    SuperMod (Back again) devils casper's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    Chandigarh, India
    hello Mr Nobody !!

    welcome to the Computer World ...

    well !! in computer field, there is nothing like enough..... you learn new things and concepts whole life and this is the main reason i am in this field......
    you should start from simple scripting... you have dual boot... i think you should go for FoxPro first... its very easy language like Basic... once you build your Logic and have a knowledge of programming techniques... nothing will be difficult... try it ...

    keep reading threads in this forum... you will know a lot about Linux, its problems and solutions..........

    Best of Luck Buddy !!!

    <=== { casper } ===>
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    15, started using linux when i was 10, had my own linux cs server

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    Linux User ImNeat's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    N. America
    21 here - first successfully installed linux (FC3) when I was 20, but didn't really start using it until earlier this year. Just went windows-free about 2 weeks ago. I didn't even know what linux was when I was 13. I imagine it was pretty new back then - and would have been much more complex than it is these days. I wouldn't have stood a chance!
    I still don't know a thing about programming. Probably won't ever learn either. I'll leave all that to the current and future Computer Science people :P
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    Linux Enthusiast Weedman's Avatar
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    16 here. Started when I was 15.

    And I just love it. Once you're acquainted with it, you never go back.

    I'm currently enjoying my bludge time with Ubuntu.

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