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Thread: I'm SCARED

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    I'm SCARED

    Ok this is kind of stupid but as a prank I called Directv using the Michael Jackson sound board and was talking to some guy from customer service. He didn't say much so I hanged up and he calls my house and this is the message that he leaves on my answering machine................

    "Hey this is the police and I am going to arrest you actually I'm just going to kill you and your mother and father. You know my brother was molested by Michael Jackson so I don't think it's fun that you make fun of people like that so I'm just going to come down to norfolk virginia and kill your mother and father. How does that sound. Well I hope you have a great day and don't forget...I'm watching you."

    I'm SCARED! What should I do?

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    Well, is it the guy you spoke to on the phone? If so, it's not the police.

    Having said that, my best recommendation is to talk to your family and tell them about the message. If the consensus is that this is a serious threat, contact the police.

    My guess is that the guy is being a jackass and that this isn't a serious threat, but there's always the chance. Either way, I would probably try to get in contact with DirectTV administration and let them know about this.

    And don't make prank calls in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabhan
    Well, is it the guy you spoke to on the phone? If so, it's not the police.
    Well of course it is the guy from Directv.

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    You should tell your parents about this and ask your dad to call the authorities at Directtv and explain to them what happened. Likely this is just some flaky jackass with no life who gets his jollies trying to freighten people. A good lesson can also be learned from this experience...
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    Yeah, I would just come clean about the whole thing to your parents. All you did was play a prank, which isn't a crime - It's a sign of creativity in my view, even if it does waste someone's time.

    What this idiot has done is threaten your life. For that he should be fired and put on criminal charges. You have the advantage, not him. He needs to be identified in case he tries it again.

    I agree with Cabhan and Dan though. Probably a complete muppet with no life trying to hit back using fear.
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    Perhaps this has taught you a lesson!

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    post your address here and i'll come and "protect" you
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    Quote Originally Posted by d38dm8nw81k1ng
    post your address here and i'll come and "protect" you

    Just forget about it. If they have your number and you've been winding them up, I'm not surprised they rang you back to scare you. If they were gonna carry out their threats, they wouldn't bother telling you about it first!

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    Tell your parents and don't make prank calls in the future

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    Seeing as he was pretty graphical about it, I would do exactly what was already mention (tell the parents). At this point, I think the next step would be to call the police... A threat is a threat, if you parents want they can press charges, specially since they have it on tape.
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