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    Two things make me glad to be a Linux OS user.....

    1) The freedom to use my PC the way I want to use it.

    2) The Linux community at large. People helping people. Something many corporations just don't understand.... and never will.

    I'm just a simple guy, living in a simple town, with a run-of-the-mill job. Yet, some Mandrake developer out there still payed attention to the small problem I was having with their OS and fixed it not more than a week later. Someone like me couldn't PAY to get that kind of service from Microsoft Corp.

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    Where to start?
    Installation options.
    Config options before and after installation.
    GUI and command-line (haven't seen that in windoze since 3.1).
    It doesn't lock up for no discernable reason.
    Don't have to reboot for every install/update.
    Best of all, IT'S FUN!

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    I like open source software. I'm into the whole creative commons/lawrence lessig setup. I believe open source software is fundamentally better for any society, except for business-orientated culture. However, even most business-orientated culture can do fine, it's only b-o culture that requires copyrighting ideas.
    I don't believe in restrictions placed on ideas, even if those restrictions fantastically propel a particular society.

    Err, that was a bit long
    so, I appreciate the open source software.

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    I don't have to use format c:/ anymore :P
    If you love something, emerge it

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    What I love about linux is that when I'm root I own my system, if I want to rm -fr / I can do so and the system don't have a bill'd penny("file in use by the system, can't touch the sytem dir") to say about it, just comply (not that I'd do that, with the exception of am UML :P --- really it's quite booring, after some chewing, all you can do is produce 'command 404'-like messages )

    So to shorten it to one word: controll
    Regards Scienitca (registered user #335819 - )
    A master is nothing more than a student who knows something of which he can teach to other students.

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    The GPL.
    It's fun!
    It's not corporate (a camel is a horse designed by a committee).

    A C compiler is supplied with most distros!
    I can problem solve to my heart's content.
    I looks pretty!
    I quite like Gnus...
    It's dirt cheap **and** it works.
    Good for multimedia...

    It's different and I like that!
    I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. - Pablo Picasso

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    what do i like about linux? it inspires.

    what do i like best about linux? it inspires me.

    i want something simple, i want to put a disk in a machine, press go, and it will install. when its finished installing, i want a system that works. linux gives me this. if i want to delve deeper, i can, as deep as i want, right into the core of the operating system if i so desire. some stuff i dont care about, i dont have to use it. some stuff i dont want, i can get rid of it.

    i installed win2k server edition on a pc i have here last night to get a usb adsl modem running. the process left only despair and hopelessness in its wake. things i chose not to install were installed. things i didnt want were installed. it took an hour to install the os, then another three and a half hours of recursively visiting windows update (i kid you not). i was faced with a barrage of rpc infections and messenger spam.

    i do not want to put software on my computer then fight against it to trick it into doing what i want. i want something that is a tool, something i can use without worry, and something that will be there, whenever i want it, something stable and secure. i dont want to sit down to do something and be told how to do it by the computer, to have this anonymous company decree my methods and actions. i want the freedom to use my machine as i see fit, for whatever purpose i desire, without having the machine say "no, you must do it our way". i dont want functions, i want functionality.

    linus provides this freedom. it asks me to fit within its paradigm, but the linux paradigm is one of flexibility, ease, efficiency. linux inspires hope within me, because when i use it i sit and think to my self "there is a way to do this, i just have to find it". i learn complex concepts by doing, and by learning in that way, i remember. i discover ways to do things that would be impossible on lesser operating systems. if i want to do something, i can, even if i dont have all the knowledge i need, anything i need to learn is there, waiting on the machine, just waiting for me to look at a man page (or do a google search). if i want to know how and why the computer does a certain thing, all the information i need is there, even the source code, and whilst im not a programmer and cannot understand the source code, i know that it is there, and all i have to do to use this is to take the time to learn. linux inspires me to push my limits, to learn new things, it offers so many oppurtunities for advancement, all i have to do is use it. linux inspires because in todays world of capitalism and copyright, it provides the freedom i desire, and all it asks in return is that i put in a few hours to learn how to use it.

    when i use windows, i have to work to acheive what i want. when i use linux, i am helped to acheive what i want. linux allows me to work to my own methods, to define my own goals and acheivements, to create.

    linux inspires, windows constrains.

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    Part of it is the flavors ... There's a lot of 'em, like Baskin Robbins! If you don't like one flavor, go get another one!

    The community effort is a real turn-on (non-sexually speaking here). I'm a computer support analyst, working with Windows for 11 years. I definately understand the feeling of constraint of copy protection, lack of money to buy the commercial stuff, etc. It's really nice to know that many many people are working on public projects, making the world a better place. I'm still a bit of a newb, but perhaps one day when I've got this stuff figured out, I can be a contributor too.

    I began playing with Linux about 6 months ago. I've fallen in love with Linux as a personal operating system.

    I used to be a DOS-a-holic (that's "disk operating system", not "denial of service") working with the command prompt and getting work done at better speeds than with the point and click method. I know you can't do everything in the DOS windows that you can in the console, but for simple file procedures and command execution, DOS worked well for me. Of course all that came from the days before Windows.
    Once you get use to the new command structure of Linux, it's very intuitive and quick too.

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    Its free. Greatest thing about it. You can have a solid OS and NOT charge the huge amounts of money that MS does...

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    i like the fact that linux isnt just a front for 1 mad weirdo to try to take over the world =/ not naming anybody in particular **cough** Bill gates **cough**

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