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    lol, i have a mixed reputation at my school. last year in comp sci i pulled so much crap. examples: as i was helping my teacher figure out how to backdoor into the C:\ drive so that we could start QBasic, but as I was doing that I was figuring out how to disable the monitoring software on the computers and giving myself admin access which I could never succesfully do more than once in a row, Windows 2000 Pro is actually very secure and stable.

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    Hehe, having an email conversation with my school's admin and this is part of his reply:

    As far as computer access, that will be Mr.
    Hradek's (Mr.Hradek is my principal) decision to make. If you promise to behave yourself, I don't
    have a problem having you back on again. Everything except port 80 HTMLtraffic is blocked. If you have a legitimate need for SSH, let's talkand try to work something out.
    so, i guess it was a good thing that i voted 'bad'
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    My chemistry teacher saw me at the mall one day and after I told her I was going to school for computers she said she knew I would go that way. She said I was on a blacklist for teachers to watch out for me around computers.

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    Suppose I had a rep to in one way or another,always played games/or educational games when supposed to be doing work in both junior and highschools,played pendown on BBCs and then Acorns in junior school(anyone remember good old BBC computers? ),and Lemmings on acorns at high school.

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    i am still at school, in early school i would practicly teach the teachers, sometimes if im nearby they will ask me whats wrong, some close friends know about linux and my hate for windows

    i have a reputation for it, its not bad, just some dont like me, i dont give a flying donkey tbh, because i know that most of them will be behind bars in at least 5 years, most of them are underaged smokers and drinkers, probably not vergins, and they are not even 13 yet

    btw what were those BBC computers? they those really old one with no real OS on them, you just put another of these big disks in and restart? if so i remember 1 of them a LONG time ago, like pre-school, we used to play 10 green bottles on the wall (although im sure it wasnt like this, but i imagine now people under them getting there heads smashed open )
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    I have a rep i guess, i certainly get credit for alot of things i wouldn't/didn't do. But it all stemmed from the time we got to use computers on some standardized test (crap, simplest thing ive touched) but i finished like 3-4 hours early, so i started to fiddle with the computer. Puch came to shove, and i had vnc access to every computer in the school as eveyone took this test, then i realized that when they took everones internet access away, all they had done was turn of the proxie in IE, so i sent everyone the ip of our proxy, and how to put it in. Now some 400 computers were all accessing the internet during a standardized test.... My test was already turned in so I didn't care. I dont think they ever traced it, as we were using annoynoims accounts. It was funny. My computers teacher went buy the 'stay one day ahead of the class' mantra. (he was the football coach) and so i screwed with him. Programming was such BS that when he asked for a tic tac toe game in c++ then gave us 2 months i almost cried, so i gave it an AI, it was superfunny, b/c i gave it pretty pictures via a littel gl that i know, so he came over to yell at me for playing games and to stop. So did on the third day of me not touching the computer, he yelled at me to work, so i opend it up, he was so confused that that half the class had fallen out of there chairs from laughter.


    O, btw, my AI beat him...lots.
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